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Miss McFall Bere Regis

With thanks to Chris Nother of Bere Regis for all that you see and read on this page.
Miss McFall was apparently quite a character so will probably be remembered by many of the villagers beyond a certain age. 
One little story that relates to her notoriety:
I was in the County Hospital for a week in the mid 1990s (having my gall bladder removed) and a man in the bed next to me got into conversation with me. 
He said he came from Blandford and wondered where I lived. 
I told him Bere Regis. 
He responded " I know Bere Regis quite well, where abouts?".  "At the top of Rye Hill" I said.  "Ah, would that be near where Miss McFall used to live?" he said..