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Parish Magazine Archives from 1887

Total Magazines published (As of January 2021) 1,247
Total Magazines currently missing   34
Total Magazines digitised   1,254%
Total Magazines that are digitised   97%

All the Magazines have been digitised, except the ones below. 
1912 June Missing
1915 November missing
1922 April, August & September missing
1948 Whole year missing except May & November
1949 Jan, Feb, March, May, June & July missing
1950 April missing
The Parish magazine was published just three times a year in 1923 / 1925
The Parish magazine was published just twice in 1924.
The Parish magazine was published just once between1926  and 1936
July 1986 is a faulty pdf document!
The Parish Magazine was discontinued in 1936, due to mounting losses.
The Magazine was restarted in 1947, having been discontinued during the War, due to paper shortages.
Unfortunately all the magazines from 1947 are currently missing.
The Magazine was suspended from January 1961 until June 1961, so we only have magazines from June onwards.

Any month marked with an ‘X’ means it is missing.

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