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Miss McFall Bere Regis

With thanks to Chris Nother of Bere Regis for all that you see and read on this page.
As for information relating to Miss McFall: we don't know that much about her but have picked up a few bits of information from locals who knew her.

We know, for example, that during the war she was a voluntary driver for the MOD. 
We know also that she had a reputation for taking in injured wildlife, mainly birds and that villagers would bring any they found to her. 
One bird, a jackdaw, stayed with her when it recovered and became a free flying pet. 
We suspect it may have been a nestling that had fallen from the nest when she first had it and it had 'imprinted' on her, following her everywhere even when she went out in the car. 
By that time Miss McFall had somebody driving for her; on one such trip the jackdaw followed the car but when she got home the jackdaw had not come back. 
She sent the driver back to search for the bird - we don't know if he was successful.

Another story relates to the bringing of the water mains supply to the property. 
Originally rain water from the roof was directed to an underground tank from where it would be hand pumped to a tank in the loft.  There was also a well for drinking water. 
Miss Mcfall was not particularly interested in getting the mains supply but was persuaded when others pointed out what an advantage it would be for her animals to have a constant supply in the paddocks.