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There are many things that people in the Village can do to help the environment.
This page gives some ideas.
There are also some general everyday living tips that may help make your life a little bit more simple and successful...
If you have any that you would like to contribute please feel free to email them to me
Saving Electricity
With Energy prices soaring, you can help save the planet & your wallet!
Keeping your energy usage lower will help us lower our national energy demand and keep your Electricity/Gas bills lower...
•Do not leave machines on standby
•Get Energy efficiency light bulbs
•Turn down your thermostat a few degrees
•Wash your clothes at lower temperatures
•When boiling a kettle, put in as much water as you actually need to pour out - it will boil quicker!
•When buying new washing Appliances, always look out for AAA Energy efficiency ratings
•Turn off lights that aren't needed
•Central heating up another few degrees or put a jumper on - your choice...
•Insulate your loft (where feasible)•Invest in alternative energy sources, such as Solar (where feasible)
Saving Water
Saving water will help you lower your water bills and will create less of a national water demand
•When you are brushing your teeth, turn the taps off whilst brushing
•Have showers, rather than baths
•When washing up dishes, try and use a dishwasher - it's easier, better for the environment and actually will save you water!
Green Driving
The way you drive and what you drive can help the planet through lower fuel usage and also will lower your fuel bill...
•Keep your tyres at the right pressure - low tyre pressure can make your car run very inefficiently
•When stuck in traffic for more than 3 minutes, turn off your engine
•Do you really need that air conditioning on the whole time?
•Buy an electric car (where feasible)
•Get involved in Car Sharing Schemes
•Let the train take the strain•Walk short journeys - the exercise is good for you & the environment!
•Don't speed - speeding over the limit is bad for the environment, dangerous for other road users (including your passengers) and is against the law for that very reason.
General Life Tips
There are several things you can do to make your life alot easier, less complicated and generally more successful.
Click here to opt out of Junk Mail.
Click here to opt out of Junk Phone Calls.
Use free online Directory services like here rather than paying by using the phone to find numbers via 118 118 etc.
When buying any products in shops, such as electrical items do not be embarrassed to ask for a discount.
Every retailer has a mark up price and thus has space to negotiate.
Be brave and ask!
If you use South West Trains a lot, then buy a Network Railcard / Young Persons Railcard / Senior Railcard.
You will recoup the cost in savings within a few journeys!Back-up your computer data on a regular basis - photographs /music / important files could be lost if you don't...
On the subject of computers, use common sense when it comes to emails - here's a few pointers -
•1. Your bank will NEVER ask you for your login details by email.
•2. NO ONE anywhere will give you a % for helping transfer money to a UK Bank Account.
•3. You WILL NOT be notified of a Lottery Jackpot Win by email, unless you have a National Lottery subscription setup
•4. The purpose of a lot of 'please forward this email on to 10 friends' emails can often be your friends inadvertently helping an outside source harvest email addresses, delete them.
•5. Unless you know the sender, NEVER EVER open attachments in emails.
•6. Do you really need to send those photos as attachments - are you sure you can't link to wherever they might already be displayed on the web?
•7. When replying to an email sent to a group of people do you really need to 'reply to all' or would it suffice to simply send the email to the person that sent it to you?
I hope these have been of some help!