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The Palaeolithic Period  Old Stone Age - 2500 BC

FROM THE time that man first made his appearance in Britain until about 2500 BC is known as the Palaeolithic or Old Stone Age, during which period only the most primitive of roughly shaped stone or flint tools and weapons were used.
There were few, if any, permanent habitation sites, and temporary or natural shelters, such as caves, were made use of, as the scanty population spent almost the whole time on the move in search of food, by hunting and gathering wild fruits.
Consequently the remains of this period are scanty and unspectacular, but the odd flint axe or spearhead can turn up at almost any place over which Palaeolithic man may have passed.
Here is a drawing of a Palaeolithic flint hand-axe that was found in this parish in 1939 by the side of the road at Gallows Hill where the ground had shortly before been disturbed by tanks.
It had been broken in two, probably by the tank when brought to the surface, but the finder was fortunate enough to have retrieved both pieces.
There is a Megalithic Period (encompasses 3500 - 1500 BC) Sarsen Stone, on the side of the road leading out to Wool.
It is possibly a marker.
The Stone is lying on a small bank outside Bere Regis County School.
It is triangular in shape, and approx 4.5ft x 5ft appearing to be limestone/quartzite.