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Bere Regis Census every Decade from 1841 - 1901

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A National Census has been conducted every decade in the UK since 1801.
The records for Bere Regis from 1841 - 1901 are available on this Website.
Click the relevant photograph below to go and discover exactly who was living in the village at the time of each Census
What about the other years you may ask?

There has been a census every ten years since 1801, excluding 1941.
However, only those that date from 1841 are of real value to the family historian.
The administration of the early census returns 1801-1831 was the responsibility of the Overseers of the Poor and the clergy.

Most of these early returns were unfortunately destroyed, although in some isolated instances they have been preserved.
The census returns for 1841 were the first to be kept and, as far as the general public is concerned, the information is released by the Public Record Office after a hundred years.
For example, the public were given access to the 1891 census returns on 1 January 1992.

The census was taken on the following dates:
Date                               Availability of Census

10 Mar 1801   No longer exists, with a few exceptions
27 May 1811   No longer exists, with a few exceptions
28 May 1821   No longer exists, with a few exceptions
30 May 1831   No longer exists, with a few exceptions
2 April 1911 100 year closure - will be opened 1st January 2012
19 June 1921   100 year closure
26 April 1931   Destroyed during WW2
29 Sept. 1939   WW2 National Registration - 100 year closure
8 April 1951   100 year closure
23 April 1961   100 year closure
25 April 1971   100 year closure
5 April 1981   100 year closure
21 April 1991   100 year closure
29 April 2001   100 year closure