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Bere Regis Burials 1536 - 1943

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Please note that the entries below are based on individuals' personal research and therefore do not constitute the entire records of Burials in the parish of Bere Regis.
One day in the future we will be able to publish all the records, however they need to be digitised first which may take some time! Watch this space!
For 8 years, 1639, 1640, 1700, 1701 & 1887-1890, thanks to the hard work of John Pitfield, we have the full Burials list.
From 1606 through to 1943, we have piecemeal Burial records from various sources.
Date Name
1536 John Turberville

Date Name
26th September 1606 Thomas Stocklye  
18th August 1625 Margarett Stockley  
5th January 1639 Ann wife of John Dyett  
13th January 1639 Joane Gauden  
14th January 1639 Margrett daughter of John and Ann Dyett  
30th January 1639 William son of William and Dorothie Domyny  
7th February 1639 Avice Crocker widow
13th February 1639 John Dyett  
22nd February 1639 William son of William and Christian Wilcox  
24th February 1639 Mary wife of Walter Talbutt  
26th February 1639 Thomas Hucker  
28th February 1639 William son of William and ffrancys Read  
12th March 1639 Robert son of Thomas and Christian Speere  
20th March 1639 William Read  
6th April 1639 Richard Serrell  
11th April 1639 Thomas Adams  
18th April 1639 Joane Roberts widow
26th April 1639 Edward Harris(?)  
? April 1639 John Gyne(?)  
2nd May 1639 Mary wife of Thomas Clarke gent  
2nd May 1639 John son of Henry and Collett  
3rd May 1639 Robert Strood  
? May 1639 Abraham son of Abraham and Mellior Cukely(?)  
30th May 1639 Elianor daughter of Thomas Derrant  
31st May 1639 Joane ? Widow  
2nd June 1639 Richard Coomes th elder  
? 1639 Thomas Meader  
? 1639 Peter Melmoth  
? July 1639 Cyrth Adams widow
2nd August 1639 Edith Ash widow
? 1639 John Dyett mercer
? 1639 Ann wife of Thomas Phillip  
30th ? 1639 ? daughter of Thomas and Ann Holmer  
? October 1639 Mary wife of ? Humber  
? October 1639 Thomas H ?  
? 1639 Thomas Clarke gent
27th October 1639 William Dyett thelder  
31st October 1639 Martha daughter of Edward and Sara Rutter  
? November 1639 Elizabeth daughter of George and Alice Sexey  
? November 1639 Leonard son of John ffarwell  
? November 1639 Mary wife of Thomas Trewe  
? November 1639 A man child son of William and Margarett ffry dead borne  
? November 1639 Margarett wife of Richard Bachelor  
1st December 1639 Avice daughter of Henry and Avice Mate  
4th December 1639 Rachell wife of Clement Burges  
? 1639 Joane wife of Stephen Creech  
? 1639 William son of William and Joane Gold  
15th December 1639 Prudence Greenleefe  
? 1639 Beniamyn son of Thomas and Cyrthy Adams  
? 1639 Ann daughter of Roger and Ann Meader  
? 1639 Jonadab son of George and Mary Dunster  
? 1640 Joane wife of Peter Wils  
5h January 1640 Elizabeth wife of Edward Gerrard  
? 1640 Mary Rickets  
? 1640 Joane and Mary daughters of Symon and ........ Wils  
16th ? 1640 Roger son of John and Joane Bryne  
17th ? 1640 Joane daughter of Thomas and Joane Coles  
18th ? 1640 Mary Gold widow
18th ? 1640 Richard son of Richard and Ann Derrant  
19th ? 1640 Edward Purcas  
21st ? 1640 Anne wife of Leonard Mate  
23rd ? 1640 William Mylborne  
1st March 1640 Hercules son of Hercules and Mary Trewe  
4th March 1640 Joane daughter of John and Joane Gerrard  
10th March 1640 Mary daughter of Edward and Judith Talbut  
(Remainder of 1640 transcript missing) -  
27th October 1674 Mellier Stockley  
6th March 1681 Magdelan Stockly  
5th April 1687 Debra & Susana Stockly  

Date Name
11th February 1700 Thomas son of Tho: Turbvile Junar Esq
11th February 1700 Christan Michell
17th February 1700 Collett Morras
30th February 1700 Tho: Spear junior
5th March 1700 Ann daughter of Farmar Winsar
10th March 1700 Elizabeth daughter of Will: Tayler
28th March 1700 Charles son of Nicols Duning
5th May 1700 Richard son of Richard Langdown
5th May 1700 The daughter of William Clark
7th May 1700 Widow Poter
28th May 1700 Ann wife of Robart Frampton
28th May 1700 The wife of Henry Helyar
1st July 1700 Crispa son of Georg Bolt
11th July 1700 The daughter of John Hurd
2nd November 1700 Mary wife of Thomas Spear
20th November 1700 Child of Morgen Strood
29th December 1700 John son of William Arney
2nd March 1701 Dorithy wife of Peetr Phipard
3rd April 1701 The daughter of John Hardey
25th April 1701 Mr William Abel Minostr
30th May 1701 Tho: Turb'vill Senyar
7th June 1701 John son of Mr Tho: Turbelvill
11th July 1701 William Squibb
11th October 1701 Amey Williams
27th October 1701 Anne wife of Leonard Reade
27th October 1701 Jane daughter of Jn. Reade
8th November 1701 Dennis Wills widow
9th November 1701 John Drake
28th February 1703 Elizabeth Storkley
1703 Malion Storkley
25th February 1704 Elizabeth Stockly
5th June 1708 Melior Stockley
12th February 1748 Samuell Stockley
7th August 1754 Richard Stockley
26th March 1764 William Storkley
31st October 1766 Ann Stockly
2nd August 1769 Betty Stockley
25th July 1770 James Stickley
10th April 1772 William Stickly
28th August 1772 John Stickly
26th February 1774 Silas Stockley
12th March 1781 George Stickley
10th June 1781 Elizabeth Stockley
23rd November 1783 John Stickley
13th April 1784 Ann Stickley
20th June 1790 Mary Stickley
1794 Inna Stockley
2nd April 1799 Jane Stickley


Date Name Age
30th June 1853 George Doel 71
18th October 1854 Sarah Doel 52
26th November 1854 Susan Grant 66
11th October 1855 Elizabeth Stickley 20
25th May 1856 Susannah Cobb 6
27th June 1856 Sarah Stickland 62
3rd May 1857 Mary Legg 2
30th May 1857 Charles Clarke 85
31st March 1858 James Hawkins 78
1st February 1859 Sarah Sebley 70
26th April 1859 Thomas Stickland 63
22nd August 1859 Mary Jane Stickland 14
26th June 1861 Thomas Doel 81
27th September 1861 Sarah Doel 72
28th June 1864 John Casher 79
6th July 1868 Joseph Cobb 52
24th Julty 1868 George Shave 72
25th October 1869 Frances Jane Shave 10 mths
19th July 1871 Samuel Stickland 58
22nd March 1872 Mary Kate Shave 1 yr 3 weeks
30th July 1872 Elizabeth Shave 14 days
11th April 1874 Catherine Brown 62
15th February 1878 Edward Reginald Way 16 mths
20th April 1879 George Stickley 23
2nd November 1880 Jane Cobb 98
9th June 1881 George Way 14
27th January 1887 Jane Warry 50
5th February 1887 Anna Toms 75
12th March 1887 William Lugg 59
21st March 1887 Mary Everett 84
3rd May 1887 Henry Joiner 75
12th May 1887 George Russell 71
23rd May 1887 John Woadden 2 weeks
24th May 1887 Mary Pitman 74
5th July 1887 Harry Lane 54
12th July 1887 James Toravell 83
24th October 1887 Alfred Phillips 37
2nd November 1887 Ellen Crocker 39
17th November 1887 Maria Toms 60
7th February 1888 Francis Henry Gould 24
17th March 1888 James Dove 75
5th April 1888 Allen Frank Symes 2
21st April 1888 William Henry Spear 40
30th June 1888 Andrew Battrick 50
25th August 1888 Mary Clark 83
24th November 1888 Reuben Lock 85
3rd January 1889 Robert Allner 80
18th February 1889 Henry Miller 69
1st March 1889 Jane Battrick 62
9th March 1889 Elizabeth Phillips 86
1st June 1889 Caroline Cobb 67
22nd June 1889 Elizabeth Lane 73
30th July 1889 Mary Grace Davis 74
12th August 1889 Maud Mary Brown (daughter of George and Agnes Brown) 5 months
29th August 1889 Thomas Boswell 92
7th October 1889 Thomas Toms 67
16th October 1889 Maud Mary Brown 2 months
23rd October 1889 Maria Tucker 29
31st October 1889 Ann Beatrice Derrick 9 months
13th November 1889 Elizabeth Bevercombe 87
21st November 1889 Alfred Charles Bright 19 months
24th December 1889 Wilfred Howard Day 1 month
3rd January 1890 Ann Rawles 64
23rd January 1890 Martha Cobb 6
28th January 1890 Walter Edgar Applin 2 months
1st February 1890 Charles Hawkins 3
5th February 1890 Annie Elizabeth Davis 13
6th February 1890 Mary Ingram 75
7th February 1890 Alice Kate Carter 10
7th February 1890 Caroline Hawkins 4 months
25th February 1890 Willie Carter 1
18th March 1890 Anne Gallop 82
10th April 1890 George Prior 2
14th April 1890 Agnes Fanny Moore 6 months
16th April 1890 Alice Lucy Kalloway 16
3rd May 1890 Sarah Moore 79
9th May 1890 Elizabeth Russell 74
27th May 1890 Walter James Joiner 38
28th July 1890 Charlotte Pope 67
11th August 1890 Anna Maria Jane Park (widow of Alexander Waldegrave Park Esq) 53
27th September 1890 Thomas Haggett 76
1891 William John Kingsbury Besent 1
1897 Violet Ruth Besent 1


Date Name Age
22nd March 1917 Edwin Shave 80
18th May 1917 Sarah Way 78
12th April 1918 Annie Legg 35
1934 Elizabeth Jane Besent (nee Drake) 71
1943 William John Besent 88

This is a transcribed account of a burial at Bere Regis for your records, it was of Clara Agnes Jesty, née Walker: in the Western Gazette - Friday 03 March 1939


A well-known Dorset agriculturist, and member of a family highly esteemed throughout the county, Mr. H. R. Jesty, of Roke Farm, Bere Regis, was bereaved on Friday by the death of his wife, Mrs. Clara Agnes Jesty, following a lengthy illness.
The funeral took place at Bere Regis on Tuesday afternoon, the Vicar (the Rev. R. C. Herring) officiating.
Miss Smith was at the organ in the Parish Church, and played for the hymns. "Lead, Kindly Light," and "I heard the voice of Jesus," for the 23rd Psalm and the "Nunc Dimittis."
The principal mourners were:—Mr. H. R. Jesty (widower), Miss Madge Jesty, Mr. Harry Jesty, Miss Peggy Jesty, Mr. Dick Jesty (daughters and sons), Mrs. M. Parsons (sister), Mr. A. K. Smithells, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. McCredie, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Jesty (brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law), Mr. S. Walker. Mr. L. C. Jesty (cousins), Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Terry, Mrs. Westmacott, Mr. B. Jesty, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Deakin.

OTHER MOURNERS. Included among the large congregation in the church were the employees at Roke Farm, parishioners of Bere Regis, and many friends and sympathisers.

Among them were:—Mr. J. W. Howse (also representing Sir Ernest Debenham, Bart.), Captain M. Wellesley Wesley (also representing Sir John V. E. Lees, Bart.), Mr. R. Thompson (also representing Admiral the Hon. Sir Reginald Plunkett-Ernle-Erie-Drax, D.S.O., K.C.B.), Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tory, Mr. G. F. Jesty, Mr. R. W. Jesty, Mrs. W. Bedford, Mrs. H. A. Drake. Colonel Radclyffe, Mrs. Ashton Radclyffe, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Tory, Mr. C. E. Tory, Mr. A. B. Duke, Mr. Wyndham Hull, Mr. F. Lys, Mr. A. Fookes, Dr. G. Lys, Miss E. Lys, Miss A. Lys, Mr. H. B. Debenham, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Andrews, Miss P. Andrews, Mr. H. Joass, Mr. W. J. Besent, Mr. W. C. Smart, Mr. W. Welch, Mr. E. F. Beckett, Mrs. Lys, Mr. H. F. R. Fookes, Mr. P. G. Templeman, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Stratton. Mr. P. Hodges, Mr. E. Hodges, Mr. G. Vacher, Mr. and Mrs. C. Kellaway, Mr. J. H. Knight, V.C., Mr. A Tuck, Miss Percy, Mr. S. Strange, Mrs. L. Strange, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Marsh, Miss Cutler, Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Corben, Mr. and Mrs. Frampton, Mr. A. H. Hunt (representing Christopher Hill, Ltd.), Mr. R. Lovelace, Mr. J. R. Spiller, Mrs. F. Coles, Mr. F. Wyatt. Mrs. Budden, Mr. J. Edmunds, Mr. G. R. Griffin, Miss Edwards, Mrs. Miller, Mr. W. E. Smith (representing Blandford & Webb, Ltd.). Mr. J. C. Goldie, Mrs. John Pitfield (representing the Bere Regis Women's Unionist Association), Mr. A. E. Lucas, Miss Rowe Mr. V. C. Lock, Mr. F. Harris, Mr. H. J. Drewe, Mr. W. E. Applin, Mr. W. Jackson and Mr. J. Riggs.
The interment took place in Bere Regis Cemetery, the grave having been lined by Mrs. Deakin and Mrs. Stratton with moss, snowdrops and primroses, which had been specially gathered by the womenfolk of the employees Roke Farm.

FLORAL TRIBUTES. Beautiful wreaths were sent by the following:—Her sorrowing husband: Maj., Harry, Peggy and Dick; Kenneth, May, John and Jean; Mabel and Will: Grannie; Norman, Elsa and Stanley; Doris and Donald: Bert, Daisy and the children; Reca, Charlie, and the boys; Little David; Auntie Rie and family; Employees at Roke; Mrs. Burden and family; Frank and Katie, Gill and Susan; Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Parsons and family: Mr. and Mrs. J. B Young, Miss Young: Ida and Hilda Holmes; Miss Cutler; Mr. and Mrs W. Phillips and family; Dorothy Laurence and family; Mrs. Hawkins: Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Applin; Mr. and Mrs. Riggs and Jack; Mrs. J. J. Johnson and family; Len (L. Cherry). Dr. Lys, Evelyn and Audrey; Mrs. Bullen, Elsie and Ethel: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Deakin: John and Annie House; Charlie and Mary; Edward and Ede: Bere Regis Cricket Club; Mr. F. Beckett, F.R.C.V.S., Captain and Mrs. Michael Wellesley-Wesley; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cobb and family. The Directors, Christopher Hill. Ltd.. Poole; Mrs. A. M. Kellaway and family; Mr. and Mrs. C. Kellaway and family; Mrs. H. A. Drake and Lorna; B. and B. Farnham; Mrs. A. Budden and family; Mrs. Jones and Maggie; Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Corben; Mrs. J. C. Westmacott; Sir John and Lady Lees: Mr. Besent and family: Mrs. Bedford; Fred and Betty; Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Bailey and Jim; Mr. and Mrs John Strang; Charles and Esme; Mr. and Miss Gowers. Mrs. Henry Fookes, Kathleen, Bob and Arthur; Mr. and Mrs. John Applin; Barbara Jane; Mr and Mrs. F. Burgess; All at "Monks Park," Bournemouth; Percy, Edwin, Fanny and Daisy: Mr. and Mrs. F. Harris; Colonel and Mrs. Radclyffe; Mrs. Ashton Radclyffe; Wyn and Henry Joass. Pat and Tina; Norman and Molly Andrews and the girls: Admiral Sir Reginald and Lady Plunkett Ernle Erle Drax, Mr. and Mrs. Percy C. Tory; The South Dorset Hunt.
The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. A. Cherry & Son, of Blandford.

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