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World War 1, also known as the Great War, was a global conflict that took place between 1914 and 1918. This devastating war involved major powers from around the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. The research on World War 1 covers a wide range of historical, political, and social aspects of the conflict. Scholars delve into the causes that led to the outbreak of the war, such as imperialism, nationalism, and the complex system of alliances. They examine the military strategies and tactics employed by various nations and the technological advancements that shaped the battlefield. Furthermore, researchers explore the impact of World War 1 on societies, including the immense human suffering, the changing role of women, and the emergence of new political ideologies. The research on World War 1 provides invaluable insights into one of the most significant events of the 20th century, helping us better understand its consequences and lessons for future generations.

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As part of the community Bere 14-18 Commemorations, a small team is researching the lives of the 301 men of our three local parishes (Bere Regis (205), Winterborne Kingston (64) & Affpuddle /Turnerspuddle (32)) who served in the forces in the Great War.
Their names are listed below.
If you think you are a descendent of any of the men listed and may have some family or service history or mementoes (Photos, medals, service papers, cuttings, etc ) about them, could you kindly contact Philip Ventham on 01929 471215

We would be very pleased to speak with you.
Any information, however insignificant, is of interest as very often, family recollections can fill gaps in the official records.
All contributions will be acknowledged and mementoes recorded and returned.

Listing is as follows (where available) Surname, Forenames, Rank, Unit & Locality.
Surname     Forenames   Rank   Unit    Locality
Ames William Private 5th Dorsets b. Bere Regis, In 1901,lived at Skippets. At DOD mother @ 72 West St.
Applin Frederick Percival  Private 18th Ambulance Train RAMC, BEF 85 West St
Applin J aspar Raymond Ralph (E ) Private Dorset Yeomanry 85 West St
Applin Reginald Elton Private 5th Wilts 85 West St
Applin Frank Harold Private 609th  Ag Coy, Labour Corps 85 West St
Applin Maurice Leonard ASC 85 West St
Applin Alfred Private 4th Dorsets / 5th Dorsets?b. Bere Regis . In 1901, lived @142 Rye Hill
Arnot Henry  Staff Sergeant IML (?)/ Rifle Brigade
Austin H Private 3rd Dorsets


Bannister Percy Frederick WO 2, CSM 2 Scots Gds,MGC, Tank CorpsWarren

Barnes Alfred Ernest Private 34 Field Amb, RAMC 120 Doddings

Barnes Sidney Richard Private Tractor Depot, ASC 120 Doddings

Barnes Frederick William George Private 5 Dorsets, (MT) ASC1911, 31 West St,farming contractor

Barnes John Arthur Private Bucks Regiment 46 West St

Barnes Frank Private RGA West St, Bere Regis

Barnes Herbert Henry Private 31 Field Amb,RAMC West St, Bere Regis/ 120 Doddings

Barnes A Private RAMC

Bartlett George James 1/7 Warwicks 68 Tower Hill

Bartlett Frederick Private 23 Kings Liverpool/ 62 Coy Labour Corps b. Athelhampton. In 1891, living @ Southbrook, Bere Regis

Bartlett Frederick C Private, L/Corporal 1 Gordon Highlandersb. Whitcombe, In 1911, mother @ Barrow Hill, BR

Bartlett Allan Coxswain HM Submarine C2

Bartlett C Private Ox & Bucks Lt Inf

Bastable(Bastobell) Percy John Private RAMC b. Marnhull

Battrick Percival Charles Private L/Cpl Labour Corps/7 Dragoon Gds 96 North St, Bere Regis

Battrick Tom (jun) 12 Gloucesters 109 Bere Wood

Battrick George L/Corporal 1 Ox 7 Bucks LI 109 Bere Wood

Battrick Wm Harry Private R Irish Dragoon Guards b. & bap. Bere Regis, In 1901 living @ North St, BR

Bennett Augustus Cyril Private 2 Bedfords Vicarage

Bere The Reverend Montague Acland Chaplain (Capt) Army Chaplains Dept. Vicar of Bere Regis

Berridge Anthony Private 7 Hants 45 West St

Berridge Charles Private 7 Hants

Boyt F

Boyte Tom Private 443 Ag Coy, Labour Corps Butt Lane

Brewer Walter Private (MT) ASC

Brierley Fred Private ASC/7 DCLI b. Bere Regis. In 1901, living @ Kennels, Bere Down

Briggs Charles Private 443 Ag Coy, Labour Corps 52 West St

Bright Henry (Harry) Private 34 Royal Fusiliers b. & bap. Bere Regis. In 1901, living at Shitterton

Bright Charles Private 5 Dorsets b. Bere Regis. In 1901, living @ Shitterton

Brown Thomas Harlick Private 161 Labour Coy, Labour Corps 76 West St

Brown Charles Private 1/4 Dorsets 83 West St

Brown William Henry Jjames HS Labour Coy, Labour Corps 83 West St

Brown Harry Private 6 Dorsets/ 5 Dorsets b. & bap. Bere Regis. In 1901, living @ Roke Farm

Bugby George 146 Coy RE Barrow hill

Bunce Thomas Harlick Private 2 R W Kents Kennels, Bere Heath

Burgess F Private ASC b. Piddletrenthide. In 1911, living @ 48 High St with wife,Rosaline

Burt William John Private 15 Hants b. Bere Regis, living Sitterton

Caines Richard Warren 1 Dorsets 154 Haywards

Caines Walter Henry Wilts 154 Haywards

Carter Hubert Woodward Private Depot Wksps, Tank Corps Chamberlains Bridge

Carter J Private Royal Fusiliers

Cave William James Stoker HMS Blake Hyde Lodge

Cheeseman Albert Jeffrey Private 2GB Northumberland Fusiliers16 Blind St

Chubb V Stoker HMS Iron Duke

Churchill Charles Victor Private 5 Dorsets b. Milborne St Andrew. Bap. Bere Regis

Cliff W G Private Motor Transport (ASC?)

Clinchen Freeland Private Reserves ?

Cobb Percy Norman Private/ Corporal RGA/RFA b. Bere Regis, In 1901 living at Court Farm

Cobb Samuel Stoker 11 RN Bks, Portsmouth Rye Hill

Cobb John RE Rye Hill

Cobb Harry Henry Private (MT), ASC Rye Hill

Collins M E Private ASC

Corben Sylvester Montague Stoker HMS Achilles 86 West St

Cox Percy Private 1 Dorsets/5 Dorsets b. Upmorton, Sussex, father in W Whitchurch & Tonerspuddle 1913-15

Cox Bertie (Albert John) HMS Bonaventure bap. Holt, father in W Whitchurch & Tonerspuddle 1913-15

Cox William George Petty Officer/ Ships Cook HMS Good Hope father in W Whitchurch & Tonerspuddle 1913-15

Cox E (Ernest?) Private & L/Corporal 5 Dorsets

Crabb(e) Arthur Private 7 DCLI Roke Farm

Crabb(e) William Ernest Private 4 Dorsets 1911 Roke Farm

Crocker James Alfred 5 Dorsets 135 Stockley

Charles Davis

Davis Charles, Private 3 Dorsets, Born in Bere Regis 1892, was one of the 1st Dorsets reinforcements who arrived in France on September 12th 1914 and received the Mons Star.

I have attached a few photographs and information of Charles Davis (Phillips) for the village historical records, (Not for publication without prior permission) that reaffirms Charles Davis (Phillips) service time. 

I understand Charles was raised and resided in Butt Lane . 

Charles was christened Charles Davis Phillips (see birth certificate) but for what ever reason dropped "Phillips" on enlisting, service number (3-5642).

I think he might have been slightly under age at the time he volunteered in 1909.. enlisting for 7 years being discharged time served in January 1916.

There was a family rumour that his father Charles Phillips enlisted in the Militia so they used his middle name to avoid confusion !

Charles later enlisted / drafted for a second time back into the Dorset's on 15-08-1916 possibly due to heavy losses on the Somme and received a different service number. (23138)

I have had a number of discussions with Mr. Stephen Potter. who is a researcher of the Devon & Dorset regiments.

Charles was severely wounded in action, ( Mesopotamia) and was discharged unfit for further service, 16-9-1919.

His birth name was, Charles Davis Phillips.

I think this would assist any Phillips / Langdown family or genealogist in their searches and not end up down a blind alley.

It has taken me many years to investigate the Phillips side of my family because of this anomaly .

Charles grandmother was Jane Marie Phillips b.1845 in Bere Regis gave birth to Charles Phillips in 1865 in Bere Regis and married a Charles Davis over 4 years later in 1869

(Information update from Steve C Phillips, Grandson, Texas, USA .16th January 2020.)

NOTE:- (Not for publication without prior permission).


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Not for publication without prior permission

Davis Charles James Corporal 2/4 Dorsets 92 The Cross

Davis Frederick John Private 3 Central Ontario Regt CEF 92 The Cross, Bere Regis, then Canada

Davis Charles Private 448 Ag. Coy, Labour Corps West St

Davis J Private RAMC

Day Louis Edgar Private 5 Dorsets Bere Heath

Day Louis Edgar Private 5 Dorsets Bere Heath

Day Ernest John Serjeant 1/4 Dorsets Lane End

Diffey(Trevett) Herbert Edward Private 31 (Alberta) Bn,Canadian Forces NOK 1916-Bere REGIS;Son of James Bushrod Diffey and Emma Diffey, of Newlands Cottages, West Lulworth, Wareham, England.

Diffy B Private 5 Dorsets

Edwards J Private 1 Dorsets

Elsworth A Private 1 Dorsets Mother at Skippetts

Farquhar E Private Royal Fusiliers

Farr Herbert Private 3 Dorsets/ 609 Ag Coy, Labour Corps 77 West St

Farr Edward George Boyt Irish Fusiliers 77 West St

Farr Herbert Private 609 Ag Coy, Labour Corps 77 West St

Farr W C Private 11 Hants

Farr Frank Private Reserves ?

Fenn C E Private Royal Fusiliers

Forsyth J A C Captain R F A

Foyle William Private 4 Dorsets

Gale Alfred Driver 336 Bde, RFA 133 Stockley

George Frank Private 2nd Lieutenant 6 Gloucester 5 Dorsets Royal Oak, West St

George Cecil Private 50 Inf Bde RE Southbrook

George Charles Hardy Serjeant Artists Corps (Rifles?), 28 London (Transport Section) Southbrook

Gillilan E G Major Westminster Dragoons

Gregory Charles Henry Private 609 Ag Coy, Labour Corps Butt Lane

Gregory L Private 4 Dorsets

Griffin Albert Edward L/Corporal 3 Dorsets 10 North St

Griffin Edward John RGA 10 North St

Haggett Walter Bisley Private 93 (Motor Transport) ASC 131 Middle Heath

Haggett Frederick Thomas Private 4 Dorsets 131 Middle Heath

Hallam Henry Charles Edward Private 4(Reserve Bn) Devon Sitterton

Hallan Henry 7 Dorsets

Hann Charles Dorset Yeo Sitterton

Harris F Private R Munster Fusiliers

Harvey Robert Private 1 Dorsets 40 West St

Hawkins William Henry Petty Officer/ SPO HMS Flirt & HMS Attentive II Hollow Oak

Hawkins Frank 1st Div Ammo Col, RFA Middle Heath

Henwood Reginald 130 Coy MGC 47 West St

Hewitt David Stoker 1 HMS Amphitrite 44 The Mill

Hewitt Samuel (jun) Private Wilts 56 West St

Hewitt James 330 Road Constr Coy RE Snow hill

Hewitt Fred Private 3 Dorsets

Hewitt S (Samuel Sen?) Private 3 Dorsets

Hewitt H Private RGA

Hoare Samuel John S/Sergeant B/108 A.F.A. Bde RFA 33 West St

Hoare William George Private 609 Ag Coy, Labour Corps 78 West St

Hoare Frank Private 164 Labour Coy, Labour Corps Lane End

Janes Herbert Samuel Gunner 14 reserve Battery RFA 95 North St

Jeffreys William (jun) 1 Dorsets Hyde

Jesty Frederick Thomas Corporal, then Captain Dorset Yeomanry, commissioned in 5 Dorsets, transferred to RE Lower Stockley and The Retreat, Bere Regis

Jesty Bertie Gunner 1093 Bty, 217 Bde, RFA The Retreat, West St

Johnson William Henry Gunner 217 Bde, RFA 87 West St

Johnson Gerald? Frederick Slade Private 28 Saskatchewan Regt CEF West St then Canada

Joyce William Private 4 Dorsets/ 609 Ag Coy, ASC Middle Heath

Kennett G Ldg Stoker HMS Invincible

Keynes R Private 6 Dorsets

Langdown Harvey Private 12 Hants 104 North St

Langdown George William Private 12 Hants 20 Southbrook

Langdown William Henry Private 609 Ag Coy, Labour Corps Rye Hill

Langdown H Private 6 Dorsets

Langdown (Langdon?) William (Walter?) W.G.? Private 3 Dorsets

Legg E Private 5 Dorsets

Lockyer Harvey 22 AAC Sec, RGA 102 North St

Lockyer Alfred James Private 570 Ag Coy, Labour Corps 97 North St

Lockyer William Private 1 Dorsets/ 2 Dorsets Lane End Middle Heath

Lockyer Percy L/Corporal 1 Dorsets Lane End, Middle Heath

Lockyer Alfred (sen) Private 257 Coy RDC Middle Heath

Lockyer Alfred (jun) 1 Dorsets Middle Heath

Lockyer Alfred Private 2 Life Guards

Lush W Corporal 5 Dorsets

Macdonald Robert John Sapper G.B.D, RE 51 West St

Maiden Harry Private Dorset Yeomanry/ Imperial Camel Corps Kennels, Bere Heath

Maiden W Private Strathcona's Horse

Mansel - Pleydell H G M Lieutenant 3 Dorsets

Mason Tom Private 3 Dorsets

Matthews Henry William 2/ Lieutenant RAF Royal Oak, West St

Maundrell Edmund Pocock Air Ministry, RAF Chalk Pit Farm

Miller John Private 2/4 London Field Ambulance,RAMC 2 Townsend

Miller Douglas John 15 Warwicks 9 North St

Miller Frank L/Corporal 5 Dorsets Townsend Farm

Mintern Percy Private 5 Dorsets north st, Bere regis

Mintern Cecil?

Minterne Reginald Stoker RN Bks, Portsmouth 18 North St

Morris Herbert Frank Private 1 Western Ontario Regt, CEF Briantspuddle

Moulton - Barrett A Captain 1 Dorsets

Passingham Augustus Mervyn Owen Anwyl Major Middlesex Regt (dco)Wife Margaret Radcyffe of Hyde BR

Pearce James Harry Private 708 Coy ASC 38 West St

Percy Henry Charles Private 1/4 Somerset LI Rye Hill

Percy Frank William (MT) ASC Rye Hill

Phillips George Ag Coy Labour Corps 39 West St

Phillips Leonard 1 Air Ministry RAF 6 North St

Plunkett R A R Comd, The Hon. HMS Lion

Poore Frank James Private 2/4 Dorsets Butt Lane

Purchase F Private 3 Dorsets

Radclyffe Montague Frederick Captain 4 Hussars Woodlands, Hyde

Radclyffe Ralph Arthur Lieutenant 4 Dragoon Guards/Despatch Corps? Woodlands, Hyde

Radclyffe C R E Major Staff

Rawles Walter Edward Private 5 Dorsets Rye Hill

Rawles H Private 4 Dorsets

Rowland Arthur George Private Gunner 4 Dorsets? RGA 324 Siege Bty 34 West St Bere Regis & 140 Rye Hill in 1918

Rowland William (Willy) Private RFA/ 3 Royal Fusiliers? West St

Russell Thomas 2 Dorsets Philliols

Russell Frank Private 2/4 London, R Fusiliers Philliols

Russell Sidney RE Philliols

Sanson Alfred Private 4 Dorsets 153 Roke

Satchwill (Satchwell?) Reginald Telegraphist HMS Maidstone Bere Heath School

Saunders Bertie William Stoker HMS Birmingham 11 North St

Savage William 112 Fd Amb, RAMC Jenkins Farm

Savage W Private ASC

Shave Walter Gunner (Shoeing Smith) Farrier Sergeant RHA A Bty/172 Bde RFA b. Bere Regis

Sheppard William (Willy) Serjeant London Irish Rifles/ 18 London Regt 74 West Street in 1911, age 17

Sheppard Maurice Alfred Private 1 Dorsets 74 West Street in 1911, age 11

Sheppard Arthur Leading Boy/ Able Seaman HMS Impregnable/ HMS Revenge 99 North St, Bere Regis in 1911, age 12

Sheppard Frank Private 6 Dorsets Middle Heath in 1911, age 34

Sheppard Ernest Walter Private R Berks Labour Corps 1 DorsetsMiddle Heath in 1911, age 29

Short F A Private RMA

Sims Daniel Samuel Private 3 Dorsets & 2 Dorsets 1911, family at Winterborne Whitchurch

Skinner Owen William John Bombardier 748 Trench Mortar Battery, RGA 1911, age 14, Bere Wood, Bere Regis Shepherds boy

Smith Sydney James Private RFC North St 1901 Fordingbridge 1911

Standfield Arthur George Private (4 Dorsets), 443 Ag Coy, Labour Corps 78 West St

Stickley Harry Private 1 Welsh Guards Doddings -1901 West St-1911

Stickley Henry Charles Private 1 Coldstream Guards Woodbury Hill

Stickley Frank Private Private 5 Dorsets Hants Regt Woodbury Hill

Stickley Cecil Richard Victor 1 Welsh Guards Woodbury Hill

Stroud Tom Private 5 Dorsets 1911, Warren Heath Bere Regis, farm labourer

Toms Charles Private private 4 Dorsets Devonshire Regt 5 Dorsets1911, age 23, married to Hannah, living Shitterton, farm labourer

Toms Alfred George Private 6 Dorsets 40 West St

Toms Charles Gunner No 3 Depot RGA Sitterton

Trent Charles W Private Private 4 Dorsets Labour Corps b. Tolpuddle. In 1911, age 31,single, living Moors Lane, Affpuddle

Trent Charles Private 3/1 Bucks Regiment b. Tolpuddle. Living @ Briantspiddle

Trent Harold Ernest Corporal & Serjeant 4 Dorsets & 7 Somerset LI b. Tolpuddle. Living with grandparents

Trevett Thomas David Private 5 Wilts Minterne's Ferry

Watson Guthrie Frederick Lieutenant Oxfordshire Yeomanry/ Ox. & Bucks. Lt Inf 26 West St

White Arthur William Corporal 5 Dorsets born Bere Regis, living Corfe Castle


Arnold Edward George L/Corporal 443 Ag Coy, Labour Corps Bere Road

Ballam Trevor Christopher Corporal 12 KRRC b.W Kingston

Ballam George Thomas Private Dorsets Greens Bridge

Ballam George(? seeTrevor C below) 5 dorsets ?

Ballam Sydney John Private 443 Ag Coy, Labour Corps Greens Bridge

Bartlett Charles Private 1 Ox & Bucks LI West St

Berry Norman George Private 1/8 & 3/10 Middlesex Regt b. & bap. W Kingston

Berry W

Besant Walter R Private Skippet's Farm

Besent William Kingsbury Private 5 Dorsets b. Bryanston

Besent James John Private & Serjeant Dorsets & 7 Wiltsb.Bryantston

Burbidge Edward Private SWB Stoney Land

Burgess John Christopher Frederick Private 1/1 Dorset Yeo. Muston Farm

Burgess Robert Grove Sub Lieut D Coy, RND Muston Farm

Chinchen Freeland Arthur Bdr 36 AAC, RGA Dairyhouse

Collis Walter Sapper 361 Foresters Coy, RE West Down

Giles A

Hardy Walter

Hawkins Walter George Driver 375 Bty, RFA Bere Road

Henville Thomas S/Serjeant RFA Cross Road

Hewitt George corporal 3 Dorsets North St

Honeybun Philip (Percy) Charles Private 5 Dorsets b. Lytchett Minster

James F

James W

Jean(e)s Frank Herbert Private 1 Dorsets b. W Kingston

Jeans John Thomas L/Corporal 3 Dorsets East St

Jeans Jack

Kent John Private 609 Ag Coy, Labour Corps Claypits

Keynes Arthur George Private 84 Fd Amb, RAMC b. Cheselbourne bap. W Kingston

Keynes J

Lacey Bertram John Private 154 Labour Coy, Labour Corps North St

Lacey Charles William North St

Mansel-Pleydell Edmund Morton Lieutenant 3 Dorsets Longthornes

Marsh Edwin John Serjeant 6 Dorsets b. W Kingston

Marsh Walter Ernest Private 6 Dorsets b. W Thompson

Miller Percival Arthur L/Corporal 11 Middlesex (Royal Fusiliers?)b. & bap. W Kingston

Miller Frederick Bernard Private B/5 Dorsets b. W Kingston

Miller Charles Richard Private Devonshire Regt & Labour Corps bap. W Kingston

Moulem Walter Private 2/7 Hants Sackville St

Moulem Edward Sackville St

Neal Arthur Edwin Private 1 Dorsets b. W Kingston

Reeves Harold John Gunner 44 Coy RGA Stoney Land

Snashall Serjeant

Steele Henry George House Private 5 Dorsets b. Alton Pancras living in Anderson 1914

S ymes E

Vincent J

Vine Charles Henry Stoker 1st Class Royal Navy

Walley Herbert (Bertie) William L/Corporal 5 Dorsets b. Iwerne Minster living in W Kingston in 1911

Wellstead Frederick Robert Private 6/ R Munster Fusiliers Church RD

Wellstead John Pioneer 9 Coy RE Duck St

Wellstead Sydney staff cook RA Stn, RAF East St

Wellstead Bertie John Gunner RGA North St

Wellstead William Private 2/4 Dorset North St

Wellstead Reginald Private 443 Ag Coy, Labour Corps North St

Wellstead Edward Robert John Private RAMC North St

Whiffen Joseph RAMC

White Archibald Private 2 Dorsets b. & bap. W Whitchurch

White Frederick Charles Private 5 Dorsets b. & bap. W Whitchurch

White Charles Henry Private 5 Dorsets b. W Whitchurch

White William Thomas Private 2 Dorsets Muston

White Bertie L/Corporal 2 Dorsets Muston

White F (Frank?, Francis William?) Private 5 Dorsets Whatcombe Down

White W (Walter?)


Barber Joseph L/Corporal 311 (HS) Works Coy, Labour Corps

Bishop Harry Harry Private 4 Dorsets 1 Cameron Hldrs Winfrith

Brown William James Private 5 Dorsets

Budden Reginald James L/Corporal Dorset Yeomanry b. Christchurch, worked at Waddock Farm

Burden Frederick William MGC Briantspiddle

Burden Samuel Fred

Cobitt Albert Henry Private 2 Dorsets

Coutney Henry Cecil Private 2 Dorsets

Cox Bertram Leonard Private 7 Somerset LI

Cox Henry George Private 2 Wilts Turnerspuddle

Cox Henry Thomas Gunner 38 Siege Coy, RGA

Cox William George Clifford Private 2 RM Bn, RMLI Warmwell, 'son of Mr & Mrs Cox of Affpuddle'

Cox Walter Thomas Private 5 Hants Turnerspuddle

Farr Arthur Private 2 Dorsets

Farr Ernest Gunner 314 Siege Coy, RGA Turnerspuddle

Farr Frederick Thomas Stoker I HMS Invincible Affpuddle

Fookes Charles Dix Private Dorsets

Fooks Henry Polden Private Wilts

Foot Richard Wallace Private 443 Ag. Coy. Labour Corps Pallington

Goldring Edwin Walter Private Dorsets Somerset LI 19 Bn, MGC (Inf) Throop

Goldring Walter Edward Private MGC Turnerspuddle

Hiscock Benjamin 677 (HS) Emp. Coy, Labour Corps Turnerspuddle

Hyde Frank Henry Private 2/4 DCLI

Hyde Harold Private 5 Res. Hussars

Lane Louis John 2 Hants

Laws John Private 4 Coldstream Gds

Laws Percy Private Dorsets Briantspiddle

Lewis William Thomas Stoker I HMS Peony

Lockyer Tom Ainsworth 6 Dorsets

Lucas Arthur Nicholas Private 1 Dorsets Briantspiddle

Lucas William Henry Private 13 Essex

Mowlem Charles John East Surrey

Nethercott John RE

New Robert Mansel Stoker II HMS Attentive II

Osmond Ernest Private Dorsets Briantspiddle

Osmond Arthur Dorset Yeomanry

Osmond George Dorset Yeomanry

Poor John William Private Dorsets

Prime Henry George 2/Lieutenant 17 RWF Affpuddle

Seal Walter Robert James L/Corporal 5 Dorsets Throop Farm

Sibley John Henry Private Wilts Turnerspuddle

Standfield Harry Private 264Pro.Coy. RDC

Trump Walter David Private 443 Ag. Coy. Labour Corps Turnerspuddle

Upshall Ernest Richard Private Dorsets Throop

Upshall Henry Charles Private RAMC Throop

Way William Henry Stoker R N B Portsmouth