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Watercress in Bere Regis

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Farmers have grown Watercress commercially in the pure spring waters of Southern England since the early 1800's.
It has many purported medicinal qualities; a good cure for a hangover, great for cleansing the blood and is even recommended as an aphrodisiac!
Check out the Watercress website for more info and some great recipes...

The watercress beds next to Bere Regis are run by a Company called Vitacress Ltd.
Thanks to Bere Regis villager, Malcolm Munro, for providing the photographs for the Gallery of the watercress beds & railway below.
They were taken in March 2002.
You can find out more about Vitacress Ltd through their informative website.
Also, a model railway enthusiast from America has created a Model Railway based on the design & layout of our Watercress Railway - see it here

In addition, on 14th August 1961,
British Pathe made a short documentary about the Watercress Beds.
You can download the film footage from the British Pathe Film Archive by clicking here
The Cress Bed clip below starts at 3:42