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Village Music from 1905

The music below was performed by Mr J.Baker, during his entertainment of the older Sunday School children,on 13 January 1905 at Bere Regis.
At this show, Mr Baker, of Salisbury, also showed some cine films.

The tune was noted by the Alan & Henry Hammond company, in the same year,and the manuscript was stored in the Dr George Gardiner Collection of the English Folk song and Dance Society.
At the bottom of the page are the actual words.
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Come all you jolly Ploughmen
1. Come, all you jolly ploughmen, and help me to sing;
I'll sing in the praise of you all.
For if we don't labour how shall we get bread?
I will sing obe merry withal

(last two lines repeated on each verse)

2. There once was two brothers; two brothers was born;
There once was two brothers born
The one being a shepherd a tender of sheep
And the other a planter of corn3.

We're tired we're tired through more though of hay
No comfort at home can we find
We sit down and sing revive all care away
And we'll not leave this world to repine

4. Here's April, here's May, here's June and July
What a pleasure to see the corn grow!
In August we mire it, we reap and sheafs tie
And go down with our scythes for to mow

5. Now we have pitched up every sheaf
And gleaned up every ear
We'll make no more ado, but we'll plough owe'll sow
And provide for the very next year