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Bere Regis Marriages 1489 - 1939

Hi, While research my Clench ancestors I thought I would update some of your marriage records for 1790-1
28 Dec 1790 John Bower of Langton Matravers & Rebecca Langdown
3 Jan 1791 Robert Frampton & Anne Gollop
25 Jan 1791 John Powell, jun of Turners Puddle & Henrietta Snook
4 May 1791 William Clench & Elizabeth Gollop

If you have any further descriptions for the marriages below or details of other marriages in the period, then please let us know by sending the info here

Please note that the entries below are based on individuals' personal research and therefore do not constitute the entire records of Marriages in the parish of Bere Regis.
These can be accessed at the County Records Office in Dorchester, Dorset.
One day in the future we will be able to publish all the records, however they need to be digitised first which may take some time! Watch this space!

For 8 years, 1639, 1640, 1700, 1701 & 1887-1890, thanks to the hard work of John Pitfield, we have the full Marriages list (where legible).
From 1767 through to 1939, we have piecemeal Marriage records from various sources.





 John Turberville

 Isabell Cheverell

1500's None available

Date Groom Bride Details
28/06/27 John Stockley Mellyor Speare n/a
7th Feb 1639 Edward Murry Elizabeth Way n/a
10th June 1639 n/a n/a n/a
11th July 1639 William Ffrentch* n/a n/a
27th Aug 1639 Roger Ballett n/a n/a
3rd Oct 1639 John Crocker n/a n/a
12th Oct 1639 Geffery Meader n/a n/a
16th Jan 1640 Thomas Talbut n/a n/a
30th Jan 1640 John Walsh Jane Meader n/a
30th Mar 1668 Richard Lilly n/a  
19th Jan 1674 Henry Calton Mary Long  
30th May 1681 Nicolus Sherford Mary Tomas  
7th July 1683 Edward Galton Anna Emberly  
24th Nov 1684 Edward Jarhett Edeth Welch  
5th Nov 1685 Benjeman Coke Jone Petybone  
22nd May 1687 Thomas English Mary Year  
6th June 1687 John Davage Jane Pincomb  
9th Sept 1687 Roger Presly Jane Joy  
2nd Oct 1687 John Bason Mary Presly  
19th Sept 1693 William Pooke Mary Beget  
17th Oct 1693 Thomas Cornwell Sara Bevercome  
16th Jan 1694 David Minty Edeth Wolfres  
2nd Mar 1694 John Cokes Ruth Whis  


Date Groom Bride
22nd June 1801 James Allingham Elizabeth Stickley
29th July 1802 John Standfield Matilda Henwood
2nd August 1806 Stephan Stickley Maria Tomm
20th July 1807 Henry Lawrence Dorothy Clarke
20th June 1808 John Lockyer Sophia Bevercomb
30th Oct 1809 Thomas Ballaam Caroline Beaton
16th Nov 1815 Henry White Jane Langdown
29th Nov 1815 John Stickley Jnr Susanna Battrick
1st March 1819 William Rawles Ann Wilcox
1st Jan 1822 George Boswell Elizabeth White
15th February 1825 Thomas Boswell Mary Tilley
13th Sept 1826 John Bevercomb Susanna Fancey
1st April 1827 David Bevercomb Elizabeth Langdown
19th Feb 1828 John Stickley Jane Davis
15th April 1828 George Romaine Maria Stickley
25th May 1828 William Phelps Elizabeth Clarke
13th July 1829 William Bevercomb Eleanor Talbot
25th August 1829 John Cobb Catherine Brown
29th March 1830 Charles Clark Charlotte Pitman
13th Nov 1830 George Stickley Eliza Hall
25th Dec 1830 George Battrick Dorothy Standfield
6th January 1831 George Phillips Charlotte Cobb
1st Jan 1832 John Way Mary Head
24th May 1832 Joseph Clarke Mary Phillips
8th April 1833 Issac Stickley Elizabeth Davis
18th Dec 1833 Samuel Wey Susannah Russell
3rd March 1834 Charles Brown & Elizabeth White known as Betsy) Elizabeth White (Betsy)
26th Feb 1834 James Standfield Mary Pope
26th Aug 1834 Philip Brown Grace Stickley
17th May 1835 George Battrick Grace Woodrow
28th Feb 1836 John Standfield Ann Hawkins
25th June 1836 John Cobb Maria Huxford
30th September 1838 Joseph Cobb Eliza Barnes
19th July 1841 Felix Miller Charity Purchase
23rd May 1844 David Bevercomb Elizabeth Gale (nee Joiner)
31st Oct 1849 Richard Langdown Caroline Cobb
7th Sept 1856 Seth Cobb Ann Maria Toms
2nd Sept 1858 John Neville Bethia Stickland
21st Sep 1860 William Standfield Virtue Cobb
4th July 1861 Charles Henry Standfield Hannah Gibbons
31st Oct 1861 George Legg Harriett Romain
22nd April 1862 John Legg Catherine Rawles
10th Feb 1863 Charles Brown & Mary Hawkins Mary Hawkins
15th Mar 1865 George Brown & Agnes Cheeseman Agnes Cheeseman
8th Sep 1872 James William Andrews Sarah Ann Legg
3rd April 1873 George Toms Ellen Legg
17th May 1874 Mark Cobb Arabella Louisa Burden
27th May 1875 William Barnes Elizabeth Trowbridge
25th Dec 1879 Charles Cobb Anna Maria Orchard
3rd April 1880 John William Bullock Elizabeth Stickland
2nd Feb 1882 Frank Puckett Emma Standfield
20th Sep 1885 Henry Standfield Ellen Jane Thomas
3rd Feb 1887 John Bright Sarah Ann Brown
20th April 1887 Henry Derrick Ann Lock
19th May 1887 Henry James Brown Mary Ann Bowles
16th June 1887 Richard John Barnes Jane Riggs Hewitt
16th June 1887 William George Jeffrey Susan Crichel Barnes
28th July 1887 Charles Burt Amelia Mary Brown
17th Aug 1887 John Josias Johnson Sarah Kate Tozer
14th Sept 1887 Charles Phillips Catherine Mary Brown Cobb
8th October 1887 William Robert Hann Julia Hawkins
19th Jan 1888 Arthur Henry Cobb Emily Battrick
7th July 1888 Henry James Way Elizabeth Eliza Bullock
7th Aug 1888 James Hibbs Emily House
1st Oct 1888 Frank Stickley Louisa Jane Standfield
25th Dec 1888 John Langdown Edith Deborah Masters
31st Dec 1888 Henry Batt Mary Ann Bullock
22nd April 1889 Edward James Phillips Kate Phillips
16th May 1889 Sampson John Henry Fooks Alice Kate Edmunds
14th Aug 1889 William James Norris Ellen House
24th Sept 1889 Charlton Toms Bessie Sargent
3rd October 1889 Philip Henry Hawkns Mary Susan Cobb
25th Dec 1889 John Lovell Wills Sarah Ann Parker
15th March 1890 Thomas William White Charlotte Mary Dicker
10th May 1890 Harry Jeffrey Annie Riggs
26th May 1890 Lot Churcher Elizabeth Jane Joiner
25th Aug 1890 Frederick Sheppard Misiniah Hannah Cobb
25th July 1892 William Mark Stickland Ada Augusta Day
28th Nov 1892 Harvey Coakes Emma Elizabeth Standfield
20th Oct 1894 John Cole Emily Jane Joyce Stickland

Date Groom Bride
Levi Standfield Eleanor Tarrant  
26th Dec 1903 Thomas Legg Annie Cornelia Farr
18th Jan 1906 Sidney Applin Minnie Legg
19th Sep 1907 George Legg Annie Ames
12th Oct 1910 Arthur Moore Thomas Ellen Mary Davis
17th Aug 1927 Reginald William Toop Evelyn Gladys Legg
1st March 1930 Percy James Bartlett Vertrude Eleanor Standfield
26th Dec 1931 Philip James Legg Daisy Alice Baker
17th Nov 1934 Bertram George Legg Ethel Hewitt
18th Dec 1935 Cyril Douglas Curtis Mabel Alice Legg
9th Dec 1939 Frederick Frank Legg Ruby Rose Pitfield