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Kelly's 1907 Directory

Parish Clerk; John Battrick
Post Office; William Hatton sub-postmaster.
Pillar boxes at Bere Heath, Roke and Shitterton
Police Station; Frederick Arnold, constable in charge

Medical Officer etc; George Lys, White Lovington
Registrar etc; William Bullen
Assistant overseer & Clerk to Parish Council; Job Bugby
Collector of Taxes; James Janes, North Street

Elemetary, Barrow Hill (boys) etc Job Bugby, master
Elementary Shitterton; Miss K.H. Malpas, mistress, Miss Turner, infants' mistress
Elementary, Bere Heath (mixed) Mrs Amelia Hallam, mistress

Dorchester - Charlton Toms (wed & sat) Henry House (wed & sat)
Poole - Henry House (mon & thurs) leaving B.R. at 8am.

William Bedford, Doddings
Rev Montague Acland Bere MA (vicar)
Rev Lawrence Crookall (Congregational) The Manse
Miss Dobson, Chamberlain's
Arthur George Dwight, Chamberlaynes
Mrs Gard, Rye Hill
William George, Southbrook house
Mrs Howe, West Street
Moffat Lindner, The Retreat
George Lys, Whitelovington
Capt. Gerald Lindsay Palmes DSO
Atherton Charles Park, Woodlands
Charles James Radclyffe JP, Hyde house
Charles Percy Frederick Radclyffe, Culeaze
Charles Robert Eustace Radclyffe JP, Hyde house
Miss Scutt, North Street

Thomas Edward Applin, butcher
Henry Allen, gamekeeper to Capt G.L. Palmes
Edward Arnold, boot maker, North street
Arthur Barnes, coal & wood merchant
John Barnes, wheelwright, West street
John Battrick, tailor
Thomas Battrick, estate woodman to Lady (Ernle) Dunsany, Bere wood
Bedford & Dwight, farmers & brick makers, Doddings, Chamberlayne's & Phillols farms.
Samuel Edward Bemister, grocer, ironmonger, provisions, corn & flour dealer &c, & agent for W & A Gilbey Ltd.
William John Besent, farmer, Shitterton farm
Mrs Ann Biles, dress maker, Rye Hill
William Bullen, registrar etc, Shitterton
James Carter, farm bailiff to W.J. Drake esq, Skippits farm
Cemetery, (Job Bugby, clerk)
Miss Sarah Chard, shopkeeper, West Street
Daniel J. Cobb, farmer, Court farm
Samuel Charles Cobb, farmer & haulier
Constitutional Club (Job Bugby sec.)
John Crocker, farmer, Higher Stockley
Mrs Elizabeth Davis, apartments
William Edwards, county tailor & leather breeches maker &c.
Albert Edward Griffin, estate painter
Walter Haggett, farmer, Middle Heath
William Hatton, grocer & provision dealer & post office, West Street.
Henry Hoare, farmer, Lane end
William George Hobbs, Royal Oak P.H.
Charles House, estate carpenter
Hiram House, tailor, North Street
Samuel House, farmer, Rye hill
William Thomas House, farmer, Jenkins farm
James Janes, harness maker & farmer
Henry Robert Jesty, farmer, Roke farm
Johnson & Tozer, brewers & maltsters
James Joiner, farmer, Mintern ferry
John Kellaway, dairyman, Stockley
Richard Amos Kellaway, Drax Arms; good accommodation for travellers, cyclists &c; conveyances for hire; farmer, shoeing & general smith, cycle repair, machinist &c.
Harvey Lockyer, thatcher, Bere Heath
George Lys, surgeon, m.o. &c, Whitelovington
Thomas Marsh, farmer, West street
James Miller, farmer
John Miller, clerk of works to Lady (Ernle) Dunsany.
Rowland Miller, boot maker, North Street
Shadrach Mintern, estate mason
Mrs Eliza Paulley, farmer, Woodbury hill
Henry Percy, blacksmith, Rye hill
James Phillips, hurdle maker, North Street
Walter Phillips, hurdle maker, West Street
Robert Poore, estate carpenter
George Pople, saddler
Joseph Purchase, farmer & poultry dealer
William John Saunders, farmer, North street
Edwin Shave, wheelwright & timber dealer &c
Frederick Shave, horse dealer
Frank Sheppard, builder, North Street
Frederick Sheppard, draper, outfitter, boot stores & watch & clock maker, West Street
Thomas Sheppard, builder, North Street
Henry Stanfield, estate mason
Frank Stickley, farmer, Woodbury hill
Matthew Stickley, farmer, Woodbury hill
George Strode, farmer, Woodbury hill
Charlton Toms, carrier, West street
Samuel Toms, farmer, Shitterton
Henry Pitt Tozer, farmer
Mrs Harriet Welch, baker
Mrs Emily Wood, drapery & furnishing stores, china, glass & fancy repository & stationer, 12 & 13 North Street.