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Kelly's 1880 Directory

Woodbury Hill Fair 18 September and 4 following days.

The population in 1871 was 1676 including 310 in Milborne Stileham

The Parish Clark is John Lane

Post, Money Order & Telegraph Office & Savings Bank: Mrs Mary Ann Dowland, receiver. Letters received through Blandford at 8.15am and dispatched at 4.55pm.

Insurance Agents:

British Equitable, Norwich & London, Phoenix Fire, all John Hallett

Public Offices:

Registrar of Births & Death & Relieving Officer; William Bullen

Assistant Overseer & Collector of Rates & Taxes; Henry Clark Galton

Inland Revenue Officer: William Leghorn


Three National Schools are in the parish - one for boys at Barrow Hill, one for girls & infants at Shitterton & a mixed school for the scattered district of Bere Heath.
National School, Barrow Hill; George House, master.
Shitterton, Miss Elizabeth Cross, mistress; Miss Jane Galton, infants' mistress.
Bere Heath, Miss Emma Horth, mistress.
British, Miss Jane Wilkins, mistress

Carriers to:-

Blandford - Mrs Selina Day, friday

Dorchester - Mrs Selina Day, wednesday & saturday, William Purchase, saturday

Poole - Mrs Selina Day, monday & thursday

Wareham - Mrs Selina Day, tuesday


Mrs Galpin

Montague John Guest, J.P.,D.L., The Retreat;& 3 Savile Row, London W

Rev John Frere Langford, M.A. (vicar)

Francis Daniel Lys

Charles James Radclyffe, J.P., Hyde (MFH, S.Dorset)

Charles Jas. Radclyffe jun., J.P., Hyde

William Fredk. Radclyffe, Woodlands

Mrs Scutt

Mrs Shaddock

Rev. Thomas Simm (congregational)

Rev. William Percy Schuster, M.A. (curate)


James Arnold, Drax's Arms

Charles Bascombe, Court Farm

Walter Beckingham, brick & tile ma; & at Melcombe's Bingham

Charles Besent, farmer, Shitterton Farm

Biles & Kelloway, blacksmiths

John White Boswell, painter &c

Stephen Brown, plumber

James Bullen, carpenter, Shitterton

William Bullen, registrar, Shitterton

John Burt, farmer, Culeaze

George Chard, tailor

George Davis, carpenter

James Davis, carpenter

Mathew Davis, carpenter

Mrs Selina Day, carrier

George Dibben, farmer

Thos. Edwd. Dowden, farmer, Roke Farm

Mrs Mary Ann Dowland, grocer

Henry Clark Galton, builder, cabinet maker

John Hallett, watch & clock maker, jeweller & fancy dealer

John Henning, farmer, Doddings

George Hibbs, grocer & draper

Harvey House, carpenter

Robert House, carpenter & shopkeeper

James Janes, harness maker

Hy. Chas. Jenkins, tailor & woollen draper

Charles Jesty, farmer, Filiols

William Jesty, farmer

John J. Johnson, brewer & maltster

Joseph Kelloway, butcher

Joseph Knowles, Royal Oak & Inland Revenue office

John Lane, boot & shoe maker

Mrs Martha Lane, grocer

Wm. Leghorn, inland revenue officer

Francis Daniel Lys, surgeon

Thomas Marsh, farmer

George Miller, machine owner

John Miller, farmer & machine owner

Joseph Hamilton Mundell, grocer & agent for W & A Gilbey, wine & spirit merchants

James Nutbeem, dairyman, Stockley

William Purchase, carrier

Reading Room (George House, secretary)

George Russell, farmer

James Russell, farmer

Edward Scutt, farmer, Warren Farm

John Thos. Homer Scutt, miller & seed mer.

Richard Scutt jun., farmer, Stockley

Richard Scutt sen., farmer, Chaimberlain's Farm

Wm. Jones Scutt, millr. Chaimberlain's ml.

Edwin Shave, wheelwright

Charles Sheppard, bricklayer

George Sheppard, builder

Wm. Clench Sheppard, bricklayer

Henry Tozer, farmer

James Welch, baker

John Compton Whennell, carpenter