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Kelly's 1875 Directory

  General Notes:
  Woodbury Hill Fair: 18 Sept and 4 following days
  1871 population: 1676 including 310 in Milborne Stileham
  Parish Clerk: John Lane
  Post & Money Order & Telegraph Office & Savings Bank: Mrs Mary Ann Dowland

  Registrar of Births & Deaths & Recieving Officer for BR: Henry Hallet
  Assistant Overseer & Collector of Rates & Taxes: Henry Clark Galton
  Inland Revenue Officer: Thomas Stubbs

  National, Henry Webb, master
  Shitterton, Miss Alice Miller, mistress; Miss Jane Snook, infants' mistress
  Bere Heath, Miss C. Martin, mistress
  Independent, Miss Jane Sheppard, mistress

  Mrs Selina Day (Blandford, Dorchester, Poole, Wareham); William Purchase (Dorchester)

  Rev. Edward Mansfield Clements, M.A.,(curate)
  Mrs Galpin
  Montague John Guest, J.P., The Retreat & 46 St. James Place, Pall Mall, SW
  Francil Daniel Lys
  Charles James Radclyffe, J.P., Hyde
  Charles Jas. Radclyffe Jun., J.P., Hyde
  William Fredk Radclyffe, Woodlands
  Rev. John Rose Tuttle Ross (Independent)
  John Compton Saunders
  Mrs Shaddock
  Rev. Francis Warre, M.A. (vicar)
  James Arnold, White Hart
  William Baker, farmer, Culeaze farm
  Charles Bascombe, farmer, Court Farm
  Walter Beckingham, brick & tile maker, also at Hartfoot Lane, Dorchester
  Charles Besent, farmer, Shitterton farm
  Charles Biles, blacksmith
  John White Boswell, painter &c
  James Bullen, carpenter
  George Chard, tailor
  Mathew Davis, carpenter
  Mrs Selina Day, carrier
  George Dibben, farmer
  Thos. Edwd. Dowden, farmer, Roke farm
  Mrs Mary Ann Dowland, grocer
  Charles Galton, grocer
  Henry Clarke Galton, carpenter, collector of taxes and assistant overseer
  Thomas Haggett, Horse & Jockey
  Henry Hallett, registrar of Birth & Deaths and relieving officer for BR district
  John Hallet, watch & clock maker
  John Hemming, farmer, Doddings
  George Hibbs, grocer & draper
  Harvey House, carpenter
  Robert House, carpenter & shopkeeper
  James Janes, harness maker
  Henry Charles Jenkins, tailor
  Charles Jesty, farmer, Filiols
  William Jesty, farmer
  Joseph Kelloway, butcher
  Joseph Knowles, Royal Oak, brewer & inland revenue office
  Chas. Lane, lime burner, Woodbury Hill
  John Lane, boot & shoe maker
  Mrs Martha Lane, grocer
  Francis Daniel Lys, surgeon
  Thomas Marsh, farmer
  George Miller, machine owner
  John Miller, farmer & machine owner
  Joseph Hamilton Mundell, grocer
  James Nutbeem, dairyman, Stockley
  Eli Phillips, boot maker
  James Poore, carpenter
  William Purchase, carrier
  George Russell, farmer, Doddings
  James Russell, farmer
  Edward Scutt, farmer, Warren farm
  John Thomas Homer Scutt, farmer, miller, corn & seed merchant
  Richard Scutt, farmer, Stockley
  Richard Scutt, sen., farmer, Chamberlain's farm
  Thomes Jones Scutt, farmer & threshing machine owner
  Wm. Jones Scutt, miller, Chamberlain's Mill
  Edwin Shave, smith & wheelwright
  Charles Sheppard, bricklayer
  William Clench Sheppard, bricklayer
  Mrs Matilda Stickland, Drax's Arms
  Thomas Stubbs, inland revenue officer
  Henry Tozer, farmer
  James Welch, baker
  John Compton Whennell, carpenter