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Bere Regis Village 2011 Scarecrow Competition

Pip Barnard ‘Lunchtime’

Claire Syrett ‘Happy Hippy’

Pupils of Bere Regis 1st School ‘Rooney’

Highly Commended
Pupils of Bere Regis 1st School ‘Vicki the Vampire’
Pupils of Bere Regis 1st School ‘The Fat Controller’
Imogen Cheeseman ‘Gertrude’

Senior Competition
Spar Shop Team ‘Sleeping’

Joint Second
Sue Steggals ‘Lady muck aka Countess of Shitterton’
The Gilbert Family ‘The Mermaid Queen’
Griffins Gardens Residents ‘Crowbuster Russell’

Joint Third
The Lillie Family ‘Captain Blessed’
Sarah Welton Ooops sorry

Highly Commended
David, Sue and Rita Burns ‘Tramp and Missy Bere’s Head’
Rosemary Cleave ‘Moi’

The Munnings Family Gone Fishing
What a surprise!!!!
By Sue Stone

When we adopted a Scarecrow theme to the show and introduced scarecrows it was hoped to stimulate interest in the Village show. The Committee thought if we get 10, and more people came to the show, it would be good.
We did not expect to get ambushed with over 50 scarecrows popping up all over the village.
What a fantastic effort.
They made people smile and talk to each other and helped generate a sense of community. Although we did lose a few heads and hats and dogs and some were vandalized at the end it rather pales into insignificance when one consider the riots and events in our inner cities this week.

I went round with the judge and it was a really difficult task. It is only one opinion and not everyone could win a prize.
There was only half a point between the winners so the judge decided to award joint seconds and thirds. Fortunately we had enough rosettes to award to third place.

The results are as follows