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Bohemian Rhapsody in Church!
Junior Church
Would you expect to hear a parody of the Queen hit “Bohemian Rhapsody” in Bere Regis Church?
That’s just what happened in September’s Junior Church.
The Christian puppet version, called Sanctuarian Rhapsody, has been famous on YouTube for a long time.
It tells the story of a lad going to church, including him getting into trouble with his mother for chewing gum, what he thinks of the choir, will the sermon go on and why do the babies in the nursery keep crying…. In the photo below you will see the lad comforting his Mum with “Didn’t mean to make you cry”.
You will also see the choir in their robes and the Pastor preaching.
You may recognize the babies in the nursery!!!
So you sit in the nurseryand hear babies cry.
So you think that their dippers will never be dry.
Oh, babies, stuck there withthirty babies.Just gotta get out, just gotta getright out of thereAll this came about because we had asked the puppeteers, who got us started with puppets, back for a visit.
Our teenagers were determined to show what they could do. Not only did they take on “Sanctuarian Rhapsody” but Emma and Andy choreographed an amazing dance to a song called “Mission Possible”
Mission possible.
When the Lord is in our sidewe can overcome the worldwith the strength he provides.Mission Possible feel the power when you prayand follow him to victoryall the way.
Our visiting puppeteers introduced the service with a “Praise Song” (I’m Gonna Jump Up and Down).
It was very lively with twenty younger children as well as our teenagers.
Some were a little shy, but most joined in.
Thank you very much to the Brownies that join us.These visiting puppeteers, Sue and Stu Lane, are very experienced at working with children, especially in a Messy Church in Christchurch.
They also help at courses that are run by the Salisbury diocese for children’s workers. In the middle of the service they gave a talk about a caterpillar.
Harry was the visual aid and our teenagers read the quotes from the Bible.
(On large “leaves” for the caterpillar to eat).
We also fitted in a puppet item by Rose and Claire, who were our original puppeteers, but soon will be university students.
They performed “You Raise Me Up” beautifully.
Another very important reason for making it a special service was that since we arranged the puppeteers visit we discovered that September was going to be Rev Ian’s last Junior Church.
We presented him with box full of JCT memories from 2005 to 2014. We also sang him a special farewell song, with puppets of course.
Lots of other great things happened at the service, such as the Dad’s Choir, but I must finish here.
It is the Junior Church’s Harvest in October.
The service is at 11:00 and children welcome from ten.
Do join us, it is always lively.
Sometimes it is a little chaotic, but it is not a performance, it is an attempt to worship our Lord in a variety of ways and it seems to suit both young and old (if the ninety present is anything to go by).
Pat Wharf
Junior Church