Harrod's 1865 Directory


Woodbury Hill Fair: 18 Sept and 4 following days


Mrs Mary Ann Dowland, receiver

Post Office Savings Bank


Registrar of birth, deaths: John Hallett

Parish Clerk, William Lane

Collector of Rates & Taxes, Henry Stroud


Charity, Robert Rolls, master

Shitterton, Mrs Susan Stroud, mistress


Mr John Casher

Mrs Cresdee

Mrs Jane Galpin

Rev. Carrington Ley, M.A. (vicar)

F.D. Lys, Esq

Thomas Nott Esq

Charles James Radclyffe Esq., Hyde

William Riste Esq.

John Compton Saunders Esq.

Rev. G. Smith (Independent)


James Arnold, White Hart Inn, farmer & horse breaker

William Baker, farmer, Culeaze farm

William Barnes, shopkeeper & woodman

William Bascombe, farmer

Charles Besent, farmer and landowner, Shitterton farm

John Bevercomb, shopkeeper & butcher

John & Charles Biles, blacksmiths

Thomas Boswell, farmer

James Bullen, carpenter, wheelwright, smith & farmer

Henry Case, draper, tailor, also at Milborne

George Chard, tailor

Robert Chaffey, tailor, beer retailer, Woodbury Hill

Mathew Davis, carpenter

Reuben Day, carrier

George Dibben, butcher, farmer & beer retailer

Thomas Edward Dowden, farmer

Mrs Mary Ann Dowland, grocer, stationer & postmistress

Thomas Edmonds, tailor

Mrs Jane Galton, grocer, baker & beer retailer

Henry Galton, carpenter

Thomas Gould, beer retailer

Thomas Haggett, shopkeeper

John Hallett, registrar of births & deaths

John Hannings, farmer, Doddings

George Hibbs, grocer, draper, outfitter & provisions

Richard Henry Hibbs, butter factor, also at Wool & Wareham.

Harvey House, carpenter

Henry House, carpenter

Robert House, carpenter & wheelwright

Charles Jesty, railroad contractor & surveyor of roads and farmer.

Joseph Knowles, Royal Oak Commercial Inn

David Lane, farmer & lime burner, Woodbury Hill

William Lane, boot and shoe maker & parish clerk

Francis D. Lys, surgeon

J. Miller, farmer & machine proprietor

Joseph Hamilton Mundell, wholesale grocer, ironmonger, bookseller, seedsman, vendor of patent medicines, and agent to the Eagle Life and Caledonian Fire office.

Mrs Sarah Northover, shopkeeper

Thomas Nott, surgeon

James Poore, carpenter

Robert Purchase, farmer

John Ricketts, shoemaker

William Riste, surgeon

George Russell, miller, Doddings Mill

James Russell, butcher

T. Satchell, painter, plumber & glazier

H.D. Saunders, saddle & harness maker

Richard Scutt & Sons, farmers, Stockley

John T. Homer Scutt, farmer & seedsman

Richard Scutt, miller, Chamberlain's Mill

William Scutt, farmer

William Scutt, farmer, Philliols

Edmund Shave, carpenter

Joseph Shave, woodman

Miss Maria Sheppard, milliner

Thomas Sheppard, bricklayer & farmer

William Clench Sheppard, bricklayer

Thomas Spear, farmer

Charles Stevenson, boarding & day school

Henry Stroud, collector of rates and taxes, and school master.

Richard Toomer, farmer

John Vallis, Drax's Arms and inland revenue officer.

William Wallbridge, cooper

John Whennell, carpenter

Henry Ears White, shopkeeper, baker & leather seller

William White, farmer

John Woolfreys, boot and shoe maker

Samuel Woolfreys, farmer