Then & Now Photograph Gallery 2013

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West Street, Bere Regis in about 1920
Bere Regis Post Office in 1875
The Crossroads, Bere Regis in about 1896
West Street, Bere Regis in about 1904
Southbrook Bridge, Bere Regis in about 1912
Bere Regis Church in about 1900
Bere Regis Cricket Team in about 1908
Church Restoration, Bere Regis in 1875
Bere Regis Cross Roads in 1927
Bere Regis Church in the 1860's
The Old Barn Esso Filling Station, left image, in November 1988
Aerial View of Bere Regis in 1933
Probably the Oldest Photograph of Bere Regis; taken in 1863
Butt Lane in the 1890's
West Street & Hatton Stores in the 1920's
The Meadow & Gardens in front of the Church just before 1900
The Old Barn on West Street, in the 1940's
Shitterton around 1895
West Street looking West sometime between 1925-27
The Village from Woodbury Hill, 1863
The Village in 1863
North Street in 1900
The Cross in 1880
Townsend Farmhouse circa 1900
Villagers & Sheep going to the Woodbury Hill Fair in 1902
Hatton Stores at 3.20pm in 1900
West Street in 1900
West Street in 1900
West Street
The Cross 1920’s
North Street
Poole Road
Rye Hill 1920's
Manor Court Farm
Village from the South East
The Church from the south in the 19th century
Path leading to the Church in the 19th Century - Same view in 2006
The Church from the south west
Churchyard in early 12th Century - Churchyard in 2006
West Street in the 19th Century - Same view in 2006
Ornate Doorway in West Street in 19th Century - Doorway in 2006
West Mill 19th Century - West Mill 2006
Court Farm from Southbrook 19th Century - 2006
Butt Lane
The Bere Stream from Southbrook Bridge
Cottage in Shitterton
Top of Shitterton
Shitterton in the 19th Century - 2006
Church from the Graveyard 19th Century - 2006
Shop at The Cross 19th Century - 2006
The Church from the North West 19th Century - 2006
Southbrook from the Church 19th Century - 2006
Storm Damage West Street 20th Century - 2006
Barrow Hill Boys School 19th Century - 2006
North Street looking South 19th Century - 2006
Court Farm in Virtual 2004
Honeycombe Cottage view from North 1945 - 2010
Honeycombe Cottage view from South 1945 - 2010