Bere Regis Village 2015 Scarecrow Competition

This year we had twelve scarecrows and they were all magnificent.
They are rather fun and this year we had reports from the entrants who had worked in teams as to how much fun they had getting together planning and working on the scarecrows.
We all had fun looking at them.

There were two cats in the hats and three Humpty Dumpty’s; Dr Foster had stepped into a hedge, Miss Muffet and a spider.
Dennis the Menace and Gnasher were seen hanging on a window sill in North Street.
In West Street Bill and Ben were on a window sill.
There was a startling and amazing sight of Bart Simpson on a skate board.
Travelling around we could find Zebedee, the Hulk, and Spiderman.

Our thanks go to David Burns who had the unenviable task of judging the competition.
I know he judged it on whether we could recognize the character displayed and the quality and amount of work put in.


Adult Section
1st Rosette ‘Was it Bill or was it Ben? Sarah Welton
2nd Rosette ‘Humpty Dumpty on Holiday’ Clivena Thomas

Young persons
1ST Rosette ‘Bart Simpson on skateboard’ Tom Munning Josh Critchell and Samuel Mayo

Equal 2nd Rosettes
‘Cat in Hat' Rowe Family
'Cat in Hat' Lisa Harris

3rd Rosette
The Hulk and Spiderman Kallum Taylor