Bere Regis Parish Council Monthly Report Archive



January 2020


The Parish Council met on Thursday 9th January 2020 at the Drax Hall.

Three members of the public were present.


The next meeting will be on Thursday 13th February at the Drax Hall, starting at 7pm.

All parishioners are very welcome to attend and to take the opportunity to raise any matters or concerns at the start of the meeting.



There have been concerns raised not just by residents but also from the refuse collectors who have difficulty negotiating the junction of Snow Hill and Barrow Hill due to inconsiderate parking in that area.

As a result, the area used as a pull-in will be blocked to prevent parking there.

We would ask residents to park more considerately.


Barrow Hill Paddock Planning Application

We were pleased to hear that the planning application for two houses to built in the paddock at Barrow Hill and Tower Hill has been refused by Dorset Council as it is not in conformity with the Bere Regis Neighbourhood Plan.


Lengthsman’s Work

Some parishioners have queried what the Lengthsman does and what his priorities are. We will be publishing more detailed information soon, but here are some statistics about his work in the quarter to the end of December last year:


Cemetery maintenance 117 hours 30%


Streamside, verges and gullies cleaning and cutting 143 hours 38%


Play area maintenance 46 hours 12%


Picking up litter and dog faeces 57 hours 15%


One litter picking sweep along the streamside, through Souls Moor and on Snow hill collected more than 150 bottles.


The entirely avoidable cost of litter and poo picking amounts to a cost of nearly £1000 in that quarter alone.

We would ask residents to take more care over our environment so the lengthsman’s time and our money can be applied to more beneficial work.


Dark Lane

The evidence documents to establish the footpath from Dark Lane, Shitterton to the top of Black Hill have been re-submitted to Dorset Council rights of way department.


Community Event

In June last year the Council organised the Mid-Summer Bere Fest, a very successful community event on the Recreation Ground which raised substantial sums for our local clubs and organisations.

If there is anyone who would like to take on the leadership of a similar event for this year or for 2021, the Council would happily provide admin support and guidance to an organising committee.

Please get in touch with Ian Ventham or our clerk if you are willing to get involved.


Climate Change

Whilst we recognise our contribution as a Council and as a community is likely to be modest, we are anxious to play a sensible role in trying to reduce our impact on climate change.

We have set up a working group firstly to take a look at what the Council itself might do, and then in due course to identify what sensible measures we might promote across the parish.

I am sure we will be asking for parishioners to contribute to these discussions in due course, but if there is anything you feel you want to suggest at this point, please feel free to pass any thoughts to the Clerk.


Village Forum

We will be holding a Village Forum on Saturday 16th May, in the School Hall, starting at 11am.

We would ask everyone to note the date, and community organisations to think about taking the opportunity to report on their activities and programmes.