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November 2003


A new dawn for the Village as we go online. Click the photo above to have a look around the site as it was in the beginning...


December 2003


We have set up a village diary section which replicates the diary in the parish magazine so you can always stay abreast of what is going on in the village, whereever you are! Click the photograph above to view it


January 2004


We have created a sub-website for the Parish Church of St. John the Baptist. Click the photograph above to view it


February 2004


We have incorporated a search facility into the website, so now you can find anything you want, such as family names & village history, with a click of a button. Click the photo above to access the search page


March 2004


We have had over 1,000 visitors to this website! They have come from as far afield as the US, Canada & Australia!!



May 2004


The village website is now ranked #1 in all searches for 'Bere Regis' on the worlds most popular search engine. Try it for yourself by clicking the logo above!



June 2004


The Village history section now has 35 then and now photos included. We have taken some well known old photos of the village and reshot them at the exact same location. See the results by clicking the photo above



July 2004


We have created a village classifieds section so you can advertise items for sale or wanted. Click the photo above to access it


August 2004


We have added an Ancient History of the village into the Village History Section. It covers village history from pre 2500 BC up to 1066 AD - click the picture to view it


September 2004


The number of photographs in our historical photo gallery has passed the 250 mark! Click the photo above to view them all in their different sections (street scenes, general views, industry, churches, schools, sports, bypass construction, woodbury hill fair & villagers)


October 2004


Baptisms, Marriages & Deaths for the village from the 1600's up to the 1800's are now available in our Village History section. Click the photograph to see them


Nov 2004


We have set up a Village Forum section so you can air your views on anything, within reason, that you like! Click the photograph above to view it


December 2004


We have added a section explaining all of Thomas Hardys literary Links with the Village ('Kingsbere')


January 2005

We have put together a new section which outlines all the local attractions that should suit any visitors to the village. Click the photo above to have a look...



March 2005


We have added the Shitterton 1851 Census. Click the Photograph above to see the results...


April 2005


We have collected all the details about the listed buildings in Bere Regis from the National Monuments record.Find out about them and see photographs of each one too. Click the Icon above to enter...



August 2005


There are plenty of local transport options for villagers to get around without having to use their cars. Click the photo above for more information...



October 2005


We have added a map to our Guestbook page that shows where in the world all our Guests live. Click the world above to see it...



November 2005


We have reached our 5,000th Unique Visitor!!!

A big thank you to all our readers & I hope you have got as much enjoyment out of this site as I have. Since we started in November 2003, the site has grown to over 450 pages with more than 500 more here


December 2005


Now that the temperatures are plummenting, click here to read our advice & tips for making this your most comfortable & safe winter ever...


January 2006


We have added the 12 Photographs of the Village in the 1950's from the Ashley Series of Photographs & Calanders held in the Birkinshaw Archive. They were taken by Donald Ashley Birkinshaw (1922 - 1988). We now have 280 Historical Photographs in our Collection. Click the photo above to see the Birkinshaw Photographs...


February 2006


We have added 41 Historical Photographs of the Village to our Galleries, bringing the total to 322 Historical Photographs in 9 Galleries. The new additions are courtesy of Mark Bennett. Click the Photograph above to explore the Galleries...


March 2006


We have added 11 more pairs of Photographs to our Then & Now Gallery. Click the Photographs above to see how the Village has changed over the last 120 years...


May 2006


We have added the years 1841 - 1901 of the National Census covering Bere Regis which occurs every Decade. Click the Photograph above to see the findings...


June 2006

We have added a Gallery containing Paintings & Drawings of the Village. Click the Painting above to view it...


July 2006

a a

We have added 12 more Pairs of Photographs to our 'then & now' Gallery - click the Photographs above to see the Gallery...



We have just added 3 Aerial Views of the Village taken in April 2006. Click the Photograph above to view them...



August 2006

We have added 6 Aerial Photographs of the Village taken in 1963 - click the Photograph above to see them...



October 2006


We have added electronic scans of the actual pages in The Domesday Book where the village is mentioned. Click the picture above to see them...



November 2006


We have reached our 10,000th Unique Visitor!!! A big thank you to all our readers & I hope you have got as much enjoyment out of this site as I have. Since we started in November 2003, the site has grown to over 626 pages with more than 843 photographs (modern & historical) and a wealth of historical resources on the village. Click here to find out more



December 2006


We would like to wish all our readers a very Happy Christmas & Wonderful New Year! As the site goes from strength to strength why not look at the 10 new Historical Village Photographs we have added to our Collection? Click here to see the enlarged Collection which now numbers 339 Photographs...



March 2007


We have added 23 new Aerial Photographs of the Village taken in December 2006. Click here to see them



May 2007


Kellys 1939 Trade Directory for the Village is now in our online Collection & we have added new historical material to the following sections - Village Births, Village Marriages & Village Burials. Click the Document above to see it all...



July 2007


We have added historical Ordnance Survey Maps of the Village from 1887 & 1902. Click above to see them...



August 2007

In the largest project in this Websites history we have put all the available scanned copies of the 493 Villagers Wills from 1559 - 1853 into Galleries within our History Section. Click the Image below to see the Archive...


September - November 2007

This has been a relatively quiet time for the site. Alot of the functionality and historical content is now in place. There will be new additions, but just not in quite the frenetic pace of the past 4 years!


December 2007

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers & villagers a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


January - February 2008

We have added 7 more Historical Village Trade Directories to our Collection. Click the Photograph above to view them...


March 2008


We have added 19 more Historical Village Photographs to our Collection. Click the Photograph above to view them...


April 2008

We have compiled some Statistics together, to show you how the Village Website has grown from its inception in 2003 till today - click the Image above to see them...


July 2008

Ever wondered how this website has grown over the years - click the Image above to see the whole website as it was a month after we first started in 2003...


August 2008


We have reached our 20,000th Unique Visitor!!! A big thank you to all our readers & I hope you have got as much enjoyment out of this site as I have. Since we started in November 2003, the site has grown to over 700 pages with more than 909 photographs (modern & historical) and a wealth of historical resources on the village. Click here to find out more



October 2008

We have added hundreds of Victorian Baptism, Marriage & Burial Parish Records for the Village to our History section. Click the Photograph above to see them...


November 2008

As we remember the sacrifice of all who have fallen & those who continue to do so in our name, let us not forget them. Click the Poppy above, to see the WW1 & WW2 Bere Regis Village War Memorial Project, that was completed by the Village Scouts...


December 2008

To show Bere Regis to even more people around the world, the village now has its own page on social networking phenomenon facebook. Click the image above to see it (you will need to be a member of facebook to view the page)


January 2009

There are many things that people in the Village can do to help the environment. The Village Green page gives some ideas. There are also some general everyday living tips that may help make your life a little bit more simple and successful...



September 2009

Read up on the Village from 2 guides, one published in 1732 & one in 1819. Click the Image above to find out more...



March 2010

We have recently added 68 Historical Photographs to our Collection. They involve Street Scenes, General Views, Village Carnival, Industrial & Villager Photographs.



June 2010

We now have full digital copies of the Parish Magazine stretching back to 2003 in our Parish Magazines Archive. We are currently converting further Parish Magazines, so we will soon have them heading back to 1997. Click the Image above to see the Archive...



October 2010

Courtesy of World Map Maker

October 2010 marked the 7th Anniversary of the Bere Regis Village Website! Since our inception in 2003, over 30,000 people have visited the site from 41 Countries. Albania, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Grenada, Hungary, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Montenegro, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, UK, Ukraine & USA. You can see the Visitor Countries marked in red on the Map above - everyone is welcome!



February 2011

We have added the Geological History of the Village. Click the Photograph above to find out more...



March 2011

Due to the forthcoming retirement of Jim Ruddock, Clerk to Bere Regis Parish Council for the past 36 years, they are seeking a new clerk. You can find the Advert here, the Job Description here & the Personal Specifications for the Clerk here. The Deadline for all Applications is 15th April. Details of how to apply can be found in the Advert.



April 2011

To Celebrate the upcoming Wedding of HRH Prince William to Kate Middleton, we are throwing a Village Picnic Party on Friday 29th April from 3pm - 8pm at the Bere Regis Sports Club on North Street. Bring a family picnic & something to sit on. Hog Roast & Bar, Free Kids Refreshments, Wacky Games, Live Music, Fancy Dress Competition for all ages & much more! Click here for a Flyer with further details...



May 2011


In 1986 the BBC launched an ambitious project to record a snapshot of everyday life across the UK for future generations. A million volunteers took part. The Country was split into blocks. Our Village was in Block GB-384000-93000. Read our entire Entry by clicking the Image above...



July 2011

Come to the Drax Hall between 10-12pm on Friday 15th July for a Memory Morning. It is an Old Bere Regis Photographic Exhibition organised by Paul Bennett and local historian John Pitfieldl. There will be a coffee morning, bring & buy, home made cakes, raffle, games and all the various stalls upstairs . We hope to have some live music and a slide show by wild life expert Tony Bates entitiled “All things Bright and Beautiful in Bere Regis”. It is in aid of the Pamela Hoare Tribute Fund supporting the sterling work done by the Alzheimers Society.



August 2011

Bere Regis School needs YOUR help!

We are coming up to a ‘crunch’ time for Bere Regis school and we need the help of all Bere Regis residents. You will be aware that from 2012 the school will start changing from a first school, with five school years, to a primary school with seven school years.

The present school site is not suitable – either in size for the new number of children who will be attending, nor in facilities for the older age group. To accommodate the new demand, a new school building is the only practical option, and would not just be beneficial to those directly involved in the school, but also of course, the whole community and the future of the village.

Dorset County Council (DCC) informed the school two years ago that it was ‘top of the list’ for funding. However, DCC’s Modernising School’s Panel has decided that the school does not need any updating at all at present. In fact, they have delayed any funding, ‘hoping’ that it might be possible for a new school to be complete by 2015. This would, at best, mean the school would be over-subscribed for at least two years, with unsuitable facilities for the students who do attend. In turn, this has the danger of parents taking their children elsewhere, naturally, which could, at worst, lead to a situation where the demand for a school in the village is negated, leaving the school in the possible danger of closing completely.

We believe that the school is one of the real heartbeats of the village, and whether you are effected by it directly or not, Bere Regis would be a vastly different village without it, or with a diminished one – and poorer for that difference.

We are asking you to write to the people below, either by email or post, affirming the urgent village need for a new school. Please ask them to reconsider the current view that funding for Bere Regis School is not ‘critical’ and to start immediate work on building the new school, with completion by 2013.

The matter is very urgent as there are two council meetings next week where the final decisions will be made. The Schools Services Overview Committee meet on 3rd October and the Dorset Cabinet meet on the 5th October. It is at these meetings that decisions will be finalised, so if you can write to the people below and show them both the need in Bere Regis and the depth of support and feeling within the community we might just be able to change their minds.

Please address your letters to these following people:
Democratic Services Manager - Corporate Resources Directorate, Toni Coombs, Angus Campbell and Alex Brenton

At the following address:
County Hall,
Colliton Park,

Or email the Democratic Services Manager here and Alex Brenton here

Your letter will need to arrive before Monday 3rd October.

Thank you for all your help and we hope to be able to give you good news soon about this matter.



September 2011

Bere Regis Doctors Surgery have recently completed a Patient Survey - click the Image above to read a PDF of the Results...



October 2011

"Let the Memory Live Again "

This is a new CD now available entitled " Let the Memory Live Again". It features five local vocalists from the village of Bere Regis (click each thumbnail above for a larger photograph) and is on sale in aid of the Alzheimer's Society at £5. See a Video about it by clicking here.

The Organisers have sold £650 worth of CD's to date and hope to sell more on the run up to Christmas. The CD will make a great gift at Christmas and you would be helping a very worthy cause as all of the £5 purchase price will go to the Alzheimers Society. It is available at Mace, The Royal Oak ,Pamperd Pigs, The Chapel Butt Lane and The Pop In Place. You can also order your copy by telephoning Alison Bennett on 01929 472 023 or email her here.

We hope that you will enjoy listening to the songs that we have chosen and that you will support this venture by purchasing a copy in aid of a very good cause.



November 2011

Why don't you get involved with the Village Twinning Association. Get to know our twinned village in France, Cèrences. Click the Image above to find out more...



December 2011

Do you like the stone Shitterton Sign? If so, great because we would like to put 2 more at other entrances to the Village. With a donation, you can even have your name inscribed on them! Find out more by clicking the Photograph above...



January 2012

We are starting to make plans to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. Read about how we would like to celebrate it in our village by clicking the Image above...



February 2012

This years Bere Regis Open Gardens Event is from 10am - 5pm on Sunday 15th July. Programmes are £4 per person at Drax Hall North Street, if accompanied, children are free.

Refreshments & homemade cakes are available at the Drax Hall. The Grand Draw will be at 4pm. All proceeds go to Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance

If you want to enter your Garden, then please contact Alison Bennett via email before 1st March!



March 2012

Local Villager John England has written a book on the Wells, Pumps & Boreholes of Bere Regis. Over 250 Wells are recorded with over 100 Photographs to illustrate. The book is only £10 and can be bought direct from John via email here or calling him on 01929 471 469. It also available at the village Post Office - a big thank you to Gillian & Kevin Coetzee.



April 2012


MEET 9.45 am SUNDAY APRIL 15th
RYE HILL FARM (Pampered Pigs)

Guided walk through Spears Coppice and along the Bere Stream, by kind invitation of Kevin & Amanda Crocker.

Bluebells, Wood Anenomes, Celandines and Primroses. Hazel coppice, Hedge-laying, ancient Ash & Oak. Chiffchaffs, Woodpeckers &Reed Warblers

The walk will be over rough and sometimes steep and slippery terrain and does involve some clambering. It will last 1½ hrs & cover about 1 mile. Wellies or water-resistant shoes advised. Open to all but please be aware that the terrain is not suitable for the infirm and not possible for wheelchairs or buggies.

Well behaved dogs on leads are welcome but note that we shall walk through fields in which there are cattle and horses. Coffee, tea & refreshments will be available from the Farm Shop

Arranged by Bere Regis Wildlife Group



May 2012

Popular local Band Rapport at the Drax Hall

On Saturday 26th May at 7.30 at the Drax Hall Bere Regis the Pop In Place will be holding an evening to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. We have booked the popular local band Rapport who will be playing a variety of well know songs for you to enjoy.

Please bring your own drinks, there will be nibbles provided. Entry is by ticket only and tickets are available from Alison Bennett 01929 472023 or from the Pop In Place at £5 each. We look forward to seeing you there! Bring your friends for a great opportunity to let your hair down and dance the night away.



June 2012

Bere Regis Jubilee Celebrations

All the elements are in place for Bere Regis to celebrate our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in style over the weekend of 2nd to 4th June. Click the Photograph above to find out more!



July 2012

The Olympics Torch Relay, although not passing through the village, does have a few villagers/ex-villagers as Torch Bearers! Click each persons name to find out more about when they are running & where!

Lynn Fancy

(Lynn has said that after her run on 12th July, everyone is invited back to the Drax arms for a light lunch (buffet) on her & a little party to celebrate! From 1pm until she leaves!)

Rowan Findler

Bob Holman



August 2012

Thomas Williams Educational Foundation

Grants available for 2012 – 2013 academic Year

The Thomas Williams Educational Foundation (TWEF) is a grant-making trust which exists to assist young people under the age of 25 living in the Parish of Bere Regis to further their education.

Awards can be made to individuals whether they are in part-time or full-time education. In recent years the Foundation has assisted individuals on apprenticeships and in vocational training; at university doing all manner of degree courses; at agricultural college & with travelling expenses to 6th form colleges. Where the Trustees are aware of special cases of hardship they may weight awards towards such individuals.

Awards are also made to organisations, providing that they operate within the parish and promote education (including social and physical education) for persons under the age of 25 years old. Most of our parish organisations working with young people have benefitted in recent years.

Please note that the Foundation does not support gap year projects, second degrees or private tuition unless there are exceptional circumstances.

The Foundation will next be making awards in August. Applications are invited from individuals and organisations before the closing date of Wednesday 1st August 2012.

For an application form, please contact the acting Clerk to The Thomas Williams Educational Foundation, Mrs Diane Edmonds, 10 Boswells Close, Bere Regis, BH20 7JE (Tel: 01929 472 331, email here). You can visit the Trusts website here.



September 2012

The Pop In Place presents the Happy Memories Cafe. On Monday 3rd September from 10am till 12 noon at the Village Hall in Bere Regis.

There will be an Old Bere Regis Photographic Exhibition in the Lower Hall. There will be Refreshments & homemade Cakes. An Entertainer & a pat dog will be in the Upper Hall.

There will be some new never seen before images on display and many of the village over the last hundred years or so.

No entry fee but donations if desired to the Alzheimers Society.


The carved stone saying Bere Regis at the Dorchester end of the Village was unveiled on 29th September by the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Dorset, Giles Sturdy. Chairman of the Parish Council, Ian Ventham, wrote a letter informing he Queen that we had unveiled them. You can read it by clicking here. Click the photograph above for more photographs & information...



October 2012

The Pop in Place are holding a Charity Cabaret Evening on Saturday 6th October 7.30 at the Village Hall. They have some very talented acts for you to enjoy including Ballroom dancing, award winning young singer song writer Karl Lattimer, a variety of solos, duets and a choir number, comedy and instrumentalists.

Tickets are £5 each and are available from

Alison Bennett on 01929 472023

The evening is in aid of the Stroke Association; please come along and support this event.



November 2012

West Coast Energy Limited (WCE) wish to build a Wind Farm consisting of 9 turbines north of Tolpuddle. Details of the upcoming public consultation on 29th November can be found here



December 2012

Proposed Woodland Planting South Of the Village

We have recently been informed that the new land owner of the farmland to the south of the village intends to create woodland on the land. The following is a statement received from the forestry company who will be carrying out the work:

"The proposed woodland planting scheme is over an area of approximately 63 hectares on agricultural land just south of the village of Bere Regis, and incorporates native woodland planting, with open glades, some element of conifer and hardwood plantations and will protect the provision of public access.

In essence: We will aim to create a woodland that will fit in with, and enhance, the visual character of the area, preserving viewpoints and the character of the wider landscape, creating an environment which will hopefully be enjoyed be present and future generations. We will manage areas designated for their wildlife value to bring added biodiversity and interest, whilst protecting existing habitats such as the hedgerows and mature trees. We will ensure that all Public Rights Of Way form an integral part of the design plan and make every effort to ensure local residents can continue to enjoy the area for walking."

UPM Tilhill, the company concerned, have said they will hold consultation meetings in the New Year. Click the Photograph above to find out more in the Parish Council Meeting Summary...



January 2013


Since our inception in 2003, we have just had our 50,000th Visitor to this Website! People have come from all over the World - 78 Countries!



More January 2013

The bells of St. John the Baptist Church have rung out for over 500 years. Now they need a major overhaul which will cost £50,000. Click the Drawing above to find out ow you can help...



February 2013

Dr Brian May CBE came to the Village on 11th February to present his Vision on how he will plant Woodland on the 63 Hectares he has bought to the South of Shitterton. The Forestry Management Company he is using, UPM Tilhill, helped him outline the detail of the plan & had 2 Q&A Sessions, along with Brian, which were very well attended by Villagers. Click the Photograph above to find out more...



March 2013

On the 2nd March The Amizing Prack was opened for all the Children of the Village to enjoy. It is a great Asset that generations of Village Children will appreciate. Click the Photograph above to relive the day...



April 2013

Volunteer of the Year Award

A local resident was recently honoured by Purbeck District Council with a ‘Volunteer of the Year’ award for her extraordinary voluntary contribution to our community. Alison Debenham was nominated by Bere Regis Parish Council for her work as editor of the Bere Regis and Affpuddle Parish Magazine. Click the Photograph above to find out more...



May 2013

Big Congratulations to one of our own Villagers, Peter Wharf, who has been elected in the 2013 Local Elections to Dorset County Council, representing the Conservative Party, for the Egdon Heath Ward



June 2013

Huge Congratualtions to Brenda House for winning the Parish Council By-Election on 13th June 2013! A big thank you to the other 3 Candidates for their time & effort - Alex Eddy, Jon Parker & Matthew Smith. You can see the Full Results & Manifesto Summaries by clicking the Image above...



July 2013

The Bere Regis Show and Scarecrow Festival runs from 4th August to 11th August.
The show will be held in the scout hut on Elder Road on Sunday 11th, the doors open to the public at 1.00pm with the prizes for the scarecrows and the show being awarded from 3.30pm.
Show and Scarecrow entry forms are attached to the schedule which you can find by clicking the Photograph above...


August 2013

Villager Rod Osmond has created a DVD of village life throughout 2012-13, called 'Yesterday Today & Tomorrow'.

Here's Rod with more information -

"One of my favourite hobbies is making videos for others to watch and enjoy
I have already produced two DVD's about the places where I have lived previously and it has given me great pleasure to work on this one of Bere Regis
The contents include many 'Now & Then' scenes as well as scenes from different view points in the village
Literally hundreds of villagers are featured within filming as they attend the various events thathave happened throughout the year
From the candle light Carol Service at St John the Baptist Church to the fantastic achievement of the opening of the brand new play park
I am sure that you will find this wonderful window on village life a pleasure to watch
Bere Regis 'Yesterday Today & Tomorrow' a lasting record of our vibrant village community to show generations to come

You can pre-order it online by clicking here.

A limited amount will be available to purchase at the Drax Hall Launch Cafe on Saturday 12th October at £10.00 each, from 10am - 4pm - refreshments available. Proceeds are going to the Church Tower Restoration Fund.

Any problems with the online order form, then phone Alison Bennett on 01929 472 023.


Use them, or lose them…..

Bere Regis is probably one of the loveliest places to live in the whole of the UK. We are all aware that what makes it work for everyone is the powerful sense of community here. Community is more than any individual and our community is built around the need to provide services for everyone and support the most vulnerable.

That’s why the Parish Council has recently created a ‘Bere Regis Marketing Group’ with the aim of working with our local businesses to make our village retail facilities viable and vibrant.

It is for these reasons that I want to draw your attention to the businesses in our village. They are a lifeline for the elderly and those less able to drive or commute to bigger towns. However, they are threatened and the simple reason is that they are not being used enough. For most of us they are there just for our convenience for the odd purchase that we have forgotten, but for some they provide a vital service. If they are to be sustainable in the long term your more regular custom is needed.

Let’s not forget these are the businesses that provide prizes for the numerous charities that raise funds for good causes. They may not always be as cheap as the supermarkets, but they are here, they are convenient, they cost you nothing in parking and petrol. They are here when we need an early morning pint of milk or a quick supper in a rush or when we need to post that urgent parcel. Important as this may be, even more essential for some of our residents, is that they are the places that provide the only source of food, and all the vital services they need, coupled with a cheery good morning or goodnight for those who perhaps lead quite isolated lives.

If we all made a little more use of the shops, pubs and post office it would make a world of difference for their long term existence, and therefore for the vital services they provide to the more vulnerable members of our community.

In the long term if the village is going to survive and grow we really need a vibrant local economy. Without shops and pubs visitors would find the village to be dull and inconvenient; B&B guests won’t come; tourists won’t visit and the downward spiral accelerates.

I acknowledge that the modern economy is what drives small enterprises out of business but for us in our rural community this is more than an economic argument; it is about a way of life – our way of life – and that is surely worth a few pounds of anyone’s money.

Please let us all use them or lose them.

Ian Ventham


September 2013

In 1970, the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments of England, published a survey of Dorset. It was called 'An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in Dorset, Volume 2 - South East'. You can read the entry for our village, by clicking the photograph above...


BERE 14-18

A small group of people representing some of the village organisations met recently to start to plan how Bere Regis might commemorate the 100th anniversary of the First World War. Our sketchy outline presently includes several ideas, in which we particularly hope our children will be involved. Click the Image above to find out more...


We have created a Village Videos section with several Video Galeries. You can see it by clicking the Photograph above...


You will shortly receive a Flyer highlighting the Businesses in the village & why you should support them. Please do look out for it! You can see a digital version of it by clicking each image above, or you can download the PDF of it, by clicking here...


May’s Wood Inaugrual Tree and Community Planting Day Plans

Saturday 28th September 2013 - Shitterton Wood Plot Field, Bere Regis

Bring along some gloves, good boots and an edging garden spade or a hand trowel (the trees are quite small) to help make a start on the planting of 100,000 trees! Parking at the site is limited and vehicles should park in the village of Bere Regis which is a short walk to the site. For the Programme & Map of the Site, please click the Photograph above...


Mays Wood Inaugrual Planting Day on 28th September was a wonderful Success, with over 600 Oaks planted, once Dr Brian May had planted the Inaugrual Oak. Click the Photograph above to see a Gallery of Photographs from the Day, alongside some lovely Tree Quotes from history...


October 2013

The Horse in War & Peacetime

Pop In Place is hosting the above Reminiscene Session, at the UpperDrax Hall at 10.30am, on Friday 18th October 2013. It is presentred by the Tank Museum & funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Free entry & refreshments will be available


November 2013

This village website is 10 years old today! In November 2003, I offered to setup and run a village website for the Parish Council. I said I would run it for the first 3 months and then hand over to someone local, as I lived in London. A decade later, running the website still gives me immense pleasure! From small beginnings it has grown into over 1,000 pages! I thought that I would take this opportunity to showcase some of the parts of it you may find useful/interesting...

Its history section has over 2,750 documents & 550 photographs. It has details on Births since 1595, Baptisms since 1600, Marriages since 1627, Burials since 1606 and 493 villagers Wills since 1559.

It's media section has over 1,530 photographs, 100 bits of art/drawings & 28 videos relating to the village.

It's business directory has over 60 local area businesses listed

It's parish council section has monthly minutes summaries stretching back to August 1988.

It's parish magazine section has parish magazines digitised back to September 1996.

It's Societies section has details on over 30 village organisations.

It's village events section has details on the goings on in the village, stretching back to October 2003.

Its Forum section migrated to Facebook in 2008 and setup the village Facebook group page. That group has over 720 members now, who have collectively posted over 3,500 discussion topics. The number of individual posts is well over 10,000!

So Happy Birthday to the village website and remember that the site is only so good because of all the contributions from villagers over the years. It really is a product of this happy Community and I hope it will enlighten, amuse & bring together the village for years to come!


December 2013

A village Calendar is now available for 2014 - the theme for this year is "Now and Then" - with some fantastic pictures of the village showing direct comparisons between various current village locations, with some archive pictures from many years ago!

They are priced at £5 each and all proceeds will go towards the Church Bells Restoration Fund. So please buy one and tell your friends about it! They will make an excellent Christmas present!

You can find them in the shop and a small supply is with Community leaders throughout the village. If you cannot find one, then please email Peter Wharf here and he will deliver to you. He can also arrange to post copies if you live outside the village, although he will have to charge £3 for postage.

Buy this wonderful Calendar of our village over the years!


A message from Pat Wharf - Junior Church activities for December 2013 were a Nativity Play and Decorating mini Christmas cakes to take home. Click the fun Photographs above to enlarge!


January 2014

Amongst all the talk of reduced bus services, our County Councillor Peter Wharf has secured regular services from Bere Regis to Dorchester and a service two days a week to Poole. However a draft timetable will not be available until mid Feb and a paper one not before May. For more details, please click the Photograph above (don't worry they are proper buses!)...


From Little Acorns

Songs to celebrate renewal by Linda Lamon

The Bells of Bere Regis and the New Woodland Song - with the Children from Bere Regis Community School & The Pop in Place Singers

Come to this CD Launch on Sunday 2nd February 2-5pm

At the Lower Drax Hall. CD's are £3.50

There will be Teas, Cakes, Raffle, Photo Display & Video

All proceeds will be put totwards the St. John The Baptist Church Bells restoration Project


February 2014

We have digitised every available Bere Regis Parish Magazine, since the very first one published in February 1887. That's approx 1,200 of them! Click the Photograph above to look at the digital Archive...


It took over 6 months of emails back and forth, but we finally now have the entire Dorset County Museum's Bere Regis related Historical Photograph Collection on our website. All 121 Photographs, (ones we didn't have already), can be seen in our Historical Photograph Galleries, by clicking the Photograph above. Just scroll down each Gallery, until you see the Museum Watermark on each Photograph...


March 2014

PPG (Patient Participation Group)
Spring Event – ‘Towards a Healthy Life’

This to be held on March 8th, 2014 in the Drax Hall - Bere Regis, between 10.00am – 12noon.
This event aims to explore important aspects of Healthy Living, both through personal contact as well as providing leaflets from organisations.

The Group are inviting local relevant parties to attend this event. If you or your contacts would like to contribute, please get in touch with Keith Norris (Chairman) via email here
or website :

All are welcome to the event. Refreshments will be provided.

Coffee Morning & Table Top Sale

In aid of the Alzheimer's Society

Plus, there will also be some:

‘Old Photographs of Bere Regis’ on display…

On: Saturday 22nd March from 10am - noon

At: The Village Hall, Bere Regis

Tel. (01929) 472 023 Alison, for details or to book a table


Rod Osmond has setup a Community Radio station. It broadcasts on occasional Sundays from 6-8pm. Listen to some of the Shows by clicking the Image above...


April 2014

Find out the latest news on our local NeighbourCar Scheme, by clicking the Photograph above...


After the changes to the subsidised network, which came into effect on 6th April, Bus Timetables books have been produced and distribution will commence towards the end of this week. PDF copies have been loaded onto the Dorset For You website and can be found here.


May 2014

Come to the Pop in Performers WW1 Commemoration Show - "Sing as we go" - see details above...


Wonderful news! The Bere Regis Bell Tower Appeal has reached its target! Find out more by clicking the image above...


District Council Election Results

Turnout: 45% (682 votes out of 1571 eligible voters)

John Phelps - Liberal Democrat - 210 votes

Peter Wharf - Conservative - 472 votes

Result - Conservative Hold

Congratualtions to Peter and a big thank you to John for standing.

Purbeck District Council - Conservatives 12 seats, Liberal Democrats 11 seats, Independent 1 seat. Result - Hung Council.


June 2014

The Pop In Performers have been producing wonderful Shows for over 15 years now. To celebrate the fantastic work of these talented villagers, we are gradually uploading all their past Shows onto this website. This means you will soon be able to relive every one of their past events and share them with others. You can watch them by clicking the logo above...


July 2014

Outbreak of WW1 - 100th Anniversary Church Service

On Sunday 3rd August, which is the eve of the declaration of war in 1914, there will be a thoughtful and memorable service in our parish church at 7pm led by Ian Woodward, our vicar and by Pastor Jim Morris, to which every one of any faith, or none, is invited.

The service will include hymns and readings including a number of First World War poems on the themes of reconciliation and peace. The service will end with a procession to our War Memorial, led by children and young people from all sections of the parish carrying 28 candles in remembrance of our 28 war dead. The candles will placed around the memorial before we disperse.

Our next commemorative event will be the first in a series of lectures on Saturday 1st November 2014 in the Drax Hall about the naval battle of Coronel in 1914, when the speaker will be Rod Arnold of the Western Front Association. Tickets costing £2.50 (children free) will be available in the autumn.


August 2014

Outbreak of WW1 - 100th Anniversary Church Service

On Sunday 3rd August, there was a thoughtful and memorable service in our parish church at 7pm led by Ian Woodward, our vicar and by Pastor Jim Morris. You can see Photographs from the Event (all courtesy of Bernie Lightfoot), read the Order of Service and find out about future events, by clicking the Photograph above...


September 2014

A reminder for village history buffs! Here are two books on local history, written by villager John Pitfield. To the left is 'A Guide Book for Bere Regis' (published in 2011). Its 170 pages have a wealth of Photographs and information about the history of the Village.

To the left is 'Bere Regis Names' (published in 2014). It contains collected family information of about 1,000 surnames recorded in all the Bere Regis parish records. Histories on some names stretch from 1370 to 1939. Some classic names covered are Rodigine Elrudge, Mellyer Hellyer, Joseph Joseph, Page Savage, Gabriel Shitler, Penticost Skutt, Theophilus Snell, Siberia Snook, Julius Squibb, Thomas Thomas, Hercules Trewe, Plucknett Tutty and Shadrach Whittle!

The Books are £20 each and can be bought at the Post Office, or ordered for an extra £5 P&P. You can contact John by email for more info, or look here for more information on these and other books on the village.


You can see a Summary and Photographs from the recent September 2014 Junior Church Service, by clicking the Photograph above...


October 2014

In early October, we had the Pop in Place 'Strictly Come Dancing & Cabaret Evening. Click the Image above, to see the Programme, Photographs and Results from the Event!


November 2014

The above was a fascinating event. You can see the Presentation Powerpoint by clicking here - please note that the Presentation is fully Copyrighted


Click the Image above to see Photographs of the Village War Memorial, on Remembrance Sunday this year


December 2014

These Pop In Performers Shows are always great fun - come and see this one in December!


Christmas Day Lunch 2014

Some very nice Villagers have decided to cook a Christmas Day Feast at the Scout Hut

If you are going to be at a loose end on the BIG day, don't fancy cooking for just 1 or 2, are a single parent (with or without Children), or perhaps you know someone who would like to come along...please telephone Karen on 01929 471 235 or 07789 005 630

Doors will be open at 12 noon with the first of 5 courses being served between 1 and 1.30pm. Carriages (not provided) at approx 5pm. There will be entertainment and a visit from Father Christmas who will have a gift for everyone.

Prices: Adult (Regular) - £12 & Child/Smaller Appetite - £8

Due to licensing, please bring your own drinks - Alcoholic or Soft

There is a limited number of places, so please book early to avoid disappointment!


January 2015

Requesting material for a new book "Bere Regis a step back in Time", to be sold in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society

I am in the early phases of sourcing material for a book I plan to publish “Bere Regis a step back in Time". The content will be of the Bere Regis of yesteryear, the villagers memories of a time gone by captured in their own words and featuring the amazing collection of old photographs and unseen images that we would like to share.
The only chance I have of making this a success is to appeal to the villagers to come forward with their stories and photographs, anything you feel would be of interest to others to go in this publication.

For Example if you worked at Bem’s the bakers or cut or bunched the watercress, have memories of the Dances at the Drax Hall. The old Church harvest suppers and Church fetes. If you can remember Johnny fortnight ( Mr. Wellstead ) who used to come door to door selling towels and dusters etc. Do you remember when there was nearly more fuel stations in the village than cars? Arthur Janes on the street corner? When the Bere Regis Football team during the 1950’s won the Bankes Charity Shield. Do you recall the whirlwind that devastated some of West Street.

I am interested in absolutely any memory that you have of the village in years gone by. You can contact me on 01929 472023 or email me here, call in at the Pop In Place on Friday Morning or send me your memories and photos to 3 Rye Hill Close Bere Regis.

Please do come forward and in doing so you will have a dual positive effect to preserve a local memory and image in print for prosperity , secondly to help to raise funds for a devastating disease that without much more funding and research will without doubt be the final experience of so many people.

Alison Bennett



February 2015


Up to 30 young people from our village benefit from being a member of ‘Banter’, socialising and having fun on Friday evenings.

Two years ago Banter was created to provide a venue and an opportunity for some of our youngsters to get together in a relaxed atmosphere. With 35 members on the books it has proved popular and is clearly meeting a need amongst our 11 to 18 year olds. Its success is entirely down to the enthusiasm, hard work and commitment of the adult team behind it. Sadly, with a number of people having to give it up, that team is at crisis point, and unless more helpers are recruited in the next few weeks, Banter will be forced to close permanently.

Members, please note that it is already closing for the next 2 or 3 weeks because the adult rota cannot be filled. To enable a 1 in 6 week rota, Banter needs to share out the supervision to a team of about 20 adults. 7 or 8 of the present team are very happy to continue if more adults volunteer to share the work. New committee members will need to be appointed, too, to bring fresh thinking and enthusiasm.

Thirty or more of our young people really need Banter to continue.

This is the challenge; are there 10 or 12 adults out there who will sign up to a one in six week rota, and perhaps give a little more time as a committee member too? The deadline is Sunday 10th May when the Banter Committee will meet to make a final decision to close or to continue.


To volunteer, or for more information, contact Hannah Mills on email here, or on 07865083896, or Kate Morris, 13 Stanbarrow Close BH20 7BE, 01929472787 or 07881823139, or email her here


March 2015

The 2015 General Election is upon us! 5 Candidates are standing for our Seat; Dorset Mid and North Poole. Find out more about them and their Party Policies; by clicking the photo above...


April 2015

VE Day Anniversary Beacons

On Friday 8th May 70 years ago, peace broke out and brought an end to nearly 6 years of war across Europe.

The 70th anniversary of VE Day will see beacons lit in cities throughout the UK and Bere Regis is going to be a part of the commemorations.

The beacon will be sited on Souls Moor.

Meet at the Scout Hut at 9pm. Walk to the beacon where the ceremony will commence at 9.20pm. The beacon will be lit at 9.32pm as part of the National Celebration.

Please remember to bring a torch and wear appropriate footwear.

In association with Bere Regis Scout Group


May 2015

Many congratualtions to our new MP, Michael Tomlinson. You can see the General Election Results for our Constituency by clicking the photograph above...


Photographs from the 70th Anniversary of VE Day - Beacon Lighting - 8th May 2015


June 2015

Have you got your tickets for "A spoonful of Sugar" by the Pop In Performers yet? It really is a great show, in fact I'd go as far as to say its practically perfect in every way! Please support them and make all the hard work worth it. Shows available are Thursday 18th June at 6pm and Saturday 20th June at 2pm. Get your Tickets for £5, in aid of the Kingfisher Children's Ward at Dorset County Hospital, by calling Gill Hart on 472 494.


August 2015

We have created a Photographic History of the plans, creation and ongoing development of May's Wood. You can see it all by clicking the Photograph above...


October 2015

The Village has run a Village Scarecrow Compeition every year since 2011. Click the Photograph above to see all the entries over the years...


January 2016

The Village Facebook Group that we set up has become so popular, that news items are increasingly being put on there instead of this website, so you will see fewer on this page now. You can reach our Facebook Group Page by clicking the Logo above...


June 2016

From Alison Bennett - we are delighted to be able to stage this Exhibition at the FOBRS Summer Fayre. Please save the date and bring along your old photos, so that we can copy them if we don't already have them on display (click here to enlarge poster)


July 2016

From Alison Bennett - we are delighted to be able to stage this Exhibition at the FOBRS Summer Fayre. Please save the date and bring along your old photos, so that we can copy them if we don't already have them on display (click here to enlarge poster)


Click the Poster to enlarge it!

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