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Bere Regis features St John the Baptist church which has a history dating back 1000 years - tours given by church members are available between May and September.
Next to the Bere Stream, Elder Road Open Space can be found with it's riverside boardwalk and bridge.
There is a farm shop on Rye Hill (the road towards Wool village) which sells a large variety of local produce.
There are also two village pubs and a village shop.
Close by are the villages of Briantspuddle, Affpuddle and Turnerspuddle, which are quiet and picturesque.
Affpuddle Forest which is managed by the Forestry Commission is found south of Affpuddle village, with Higher Hyde Heath (managed by Dorset WildlifeTrust) found south of Bere Regis.
For the adventurous, there are numerous outdoor activities within easy reach of Bere Regis including Quad Biking, Hang-Gliding and Clay Pigeon Shooting.
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Bere Regis has known more illustrious times-and even royal patronage-during its 1,000 years or more of history.
If the parish as a whole is considered, the history of human occupation and settlement goes back much further, and archaeological remains show the higher downland in the northern part of the parish to have been continuously occupied from Neolithic times (2500-1900 BC) until the Roman period (AD 43-AD 410).

Bere Regis village is sited by the side of the small Bere River or Bere Stream, a tributary of the River Piddle, where the chalk of the Dorset Downs, to the north, dips beneath newer deposits of clay, sands and gravels.
The village is situated at the western terminus of the A31 road (Guildford – Bere Regis), where it joins the A35 (Southampton – Honiton), although both roads now bypass the village.
The local travel hubs are Wareham railway station, 6 miles (9.7 km) from the village, and Bournemouth Airport, 17 miles (27 km) away.

To the south-east of the village a large conifer plantation, Wareham Forest, stretches several miles to Wareham.
To the west is Dorchester, north is Blandford Forum and east is Bournemouth. Further to the south is the chalk ridge of the Purbeck Hills, and 10 miles (16 km) to the south is the Jurassic Coast, a World Heritage Site on the English Channel.

May's Woodland

These wonderful Woods, covering much of the farmland south of Shitterton and running up to Black Hill, were the idea of Dr Brian May CBE.
Having purchased the land in 2012, he shared his 100,000 tree planting plans and then proceeded to turn his dreams into reality.
This page acts as a pictorial record following that journey and also showing you how the Woods are developing today and into the future.
As part of the community Bere 14-18 Commemorations, a small team is researching the lives of the men of our three local parishes (Bere Regis, Winterborne Kingston & Affpuddle /Turnerspuddle) who served in the forces in the Great War.
If you think you are a descendent of any of the men listed and may have some family or service history or mementoes (Photos, medals, service papers, cuttings, etc ) about them, could you kindly contact Philip Ventham on 01929 471215 he would be very pleased to speak with you.
Any information, however insignificant, is of interest as very often, family recollections can fill gaps in the official records.
All contributions will be acknowledged and mementoes recorded and returned.

Well, Well, Well

Local Villager John England wrote a book in 2012 on the Wells, Pumps & Boreholes of Bere Regis, called 'Well Well Well'.
Over 250 Wells are recorded with over 100 photographs to illustrate.
The book is only £5 available at the village Post Office, with a copy to read at the Parish Church of St. John the Baptist.
You can read an extract from it, by clicking the photograph here of the well at Honeycombe  Cottage, in Shitterton.